29 November, 2007

Hand over fist

That's how our money is heading out of our household at the moment...

We've had a few upgrades to things furniture and pc-wise lately. Stuff we've been looking at getting for months really, but we finally just went ahead and bought what we needed (we have a new lounge!).

Then last weekend J's car had a bit of a fit. He found the motor is on the way out and has been contacting people for quotes on repairing or replacing the motor (that's cheaper apparently). Last night he was about 10 minutes from home when the motor had another hissy fit. He said there was smoke and oil everywhere. I'm glad he was so close to home when it happened since he had actually been nearly 45 mins from home at one stage. His dad was able to tow him home safe and sound.

Unfortunately now, we're looking at a minimum $1500 to replace the motor. Expensive things these cars...

It's going to be a bit of swapping and changing while organising around one car, a bit of a hassle when you're so used to having two. Thankfully J's dad works in the same area as J, so they can carpool. Plus I'm on holidays from Friday the 6th of December (did I mention I have a month off work at all? hehe), so that will make things a bit easier then. I've no idea how long it will take to get it fixed.

22 November, 2007


I am so annoyed at the moment.

Our work has a casual dress policy - we can wear smart casual clothes. It's company wide, however some parts of the company are customer facing so they wear business attire. Most of our callcentres are not open to the public though, so our clothing is more relaxed and comfortable. There's obviously certain rules - no inappropriate slogans on t-shirts, no revealing clothing, no ripped/dirty items etc. All fair enough if you ask me.

Now we've had a directive from management to say that no shorts of any kinds will be allowed. Nothing that shows the ankles will be permitted. This leaves the guys with one option - long pants. We're coming into summer and it's going to be a hot one I think. We've had some very hot days already and we're not even into summer proper yet. I really don't think that's fair for them.

Women can wear skirts apparently, but there's a few problems that I have with this - one is that the few skirts I own (I'm not really a skirt person) are the full flowing type of skirt. I just don't feel that I'd be business like enough in them. I feel more business like in my long shorts (capri pants). If I don't wear the skirts though, I'm going to be stuck with long pants (and the only long pants I have are jeans). I really don't want to have to wear jeans to work in 40 degree days!

To me, it feels that they want business wear policy back again so they're kinda doing it by stealth... When I started we had to wear business attire and it seemed so pointless. We never saw anyone but our workmates. We were thrilled when they brought in the casual dress policy. People still had the option of wearing business attire but hardly anyone did - in our building at least.

I'm not sure what's brought this on. I've never seen or heard of anyone wearing inappropriate shorts. It really doesn't seem fair on the guys - almost discriminatory.

I'm currently trying to convince the guys in my team to wear skirts/kilts to work...

19 November, 2007

more musical leanings?

A few posts back I asked a question about what age is good to start learning a musical instrument, in case Chickie is ever interested. Now I'm thinking perhaps I should look into some sort of musical type program - even if he hasn't actually directly expressed a wish to learn an instrument. Something that's fun with some sort of musical theme, if you know what I mean (I have no idea what's actually available).

Now most of the time Chickie will tell me not to sing - because I can't. I freely admit it - and still do it! He's 'allowed' me to sing along with the radio in my car, because well, it's my car and I'm going to do it anyway. He sings along too actually.

The only other time I'm 'allowed' to sing is when I put him to bed. He even asks me to sing him a song or two. Last night he started giving me musical direction...

He's watched the video clips of some of the songs I sing and was telling me that I need to sing lower at one point. Later he was saying I was doing it wrong because I wasn't starting softly and getting louder (lets forget the fact that I try to sing softly because I want him to get sleepy!). There were lots more 'suggestions' from him, but to be honest, I was concentrating more on just remembering the lyrics!

He's obviously got a better 'ear', than I have, for music.

14 November, 2007

Today is world diabetes day

From the World Diabetes Day website:

Today, more than 240 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. Within 20 years, this number is expected to grow to 380 million.

This is a huge number and a lot of people with type 2 diabetes don't know they have it. When I was diagnosed with type 2, I had no obvious symptoms. The only indicators I had were a family history and having gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Chickie. I had to have insulin shots while pregnant and apparently this meant I had a 50% risk of getting type 2 diabetes within 5 years. Due to this my doctor sent me off for a yearly test and that's how it was picked up.

If you'd like more information about diabetes or want to see if you're at risk, try this page.

If you think you're at risk, I would strongly encourage you to see your doctor and get tested. The earlier you find it, the better.

13 November, 2007

fostering an interest in music

I don't know if I've mentioned this in the past, but when listening to the radio in the car, Chickie has to know the name of the song, who's singing and who wrote the song. Woe betide me if I don't know the answer...

I've taken to making stuff up, on occasion (hey, it's been quite a while since I worked in radio - I don't know every song out there any more!).

His latest thing is to ask what's making the music, so I've been trying to identify which instrument is playing at the time in the song. Luckily it's fairly easy with one of his favourites at the moment - Into the Night by Santana and Chad Kroeger.

So my question is, for anyone musical out there, if he expresses an interest in learning a musical instrument at any stage in the future, what age would you recommend to start? I don't want to push it all but if he ever does express an interest I'd like to start him at an age that encourages him rather than discourages because it's too much at that age - if you know what I mean.

11 November, 2007

back again

Hi everyone, break's over. So now you'll be subjected to all my trivial thoughts again... Did you miss me? (no, don't answer that - I'd rather keep my little illusion, that you did, intact hehe)

Haven't been doing much over the last month. The usual stuff at work, Chickie's doing great at school and I've been playing a fair bit of World of Warcraft (good to lose yourself in, when you don't want to think too hard ;) and I've made some very good friends there).

I'm totally hanging out for December though. I will have a whole month off. I can not wait!

My mum and dad will be visiting for a fair chunk of it, and then the rest of my family (3 sisters and their families) is coming over for Christmas. I haven't seen some of them in years and some have never visited us here. I can't wait.

J and I are also trying to organise a quick trip to Melbourne to see Spamalot. I just love Monty Python and I've heard this is really good. Will be a bit of a rush but I hope we can organise it for when I'm on my holidays.

Now I plan on visiting everyone's blogs soon, but I'm going to just mark everything in my bloglines as read. It's just overflowing. So if I miss anything important, I'll apologise right now. Congratulations, commiserations, good luck etc for anything I miss. I hope you've all been well.

Oh and I don't know if I mentioned this but I'm really looking forward to my holidays in December...