29 July, 2006

Shopping Vent

We went shopping today. One of the things I was after was a plain white longsleeve t-shirt type top for Chickie. I found a total of zero longsleeve shirts in plain colours. Plenty in short sleeves but not what I wanted.

I wish retailers wouldn't bring in the summer stock so early. There's still a bit over a month left of winter and even in early spring it's not warm enough to wear the shortsleeve stuff. With Chickie growing so quickly (as kids are wont to do), the winter clothes I bought at the beginning of the season are starting to look like 3/4 sleeves. So some plain, cheap winter basics would be handy right about now. There's still a selection of more expensive stuff out (character stuff, fashion stuff etc), but basics are all oriented to summer now.

I guess I could just buy the next size up as well, at the beginning of the season, but there's really two problems with that. 1 - I can't really tell how much he's going to grow at the beginning of the season. This kid seems to grow in fits and starts. 2 - I'm pretty much buying a whole new wardrobe (shoes included) each winter/summer so it's kind of a hit to the wallet already. Buying the next size up as well, just in case would be costly - especially if he doesn't grow as much as I estimate and then never gets to wear them!

I don't quite understand why the retailers get the new stuff in so early. I used to work for a clothing store in a town where it used to snow in winter. I remember unpacking the new summer arrivals, while it was snowing out, many many times. The new stuff didn't usually sell for a long time (till it started to warm up natch) and then we'd have the questions from customers about stuff they wanted now for winter!

Oh well, I'll keep looking.

The other thing I saw, while shopping, was - The Wiggles Toddler Wipes... The only thing I could think of was The Simpsons and how Krusty has his brand on everything! Wiggles - say it ain't so!

28 July, 2006

Can money buy serenity?


Once a month I have a day off on a Friday (I work Sundays instead). So Chickie's at childcare, J's at work and I have the day to myself.

Today I slept in, cleaned the bathroom/toilet (they sparkle!) and went to the movies. I saw the Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. It was sweet - I'm a sucker for chickflicks (heck, I'm a sucker for a clean-shaven Keanu too, hehe).

Last thing I did was have a massage. 45 mins of relaxation - well sorta... I've had problems with my left knee. If you read back a bit, I've been on anti-inflammatories, I've had x-rays and at least it's not an arthritic problem, but no one really knows what it is. It started as a sore muscle down the outside of my left knee but the docs have said both my knees were swollen (I haven't had a noticeable problem with my right knee though). After a lot of weeks I'd say it's about 85-90% back to normal. Much better than it's been but still gives out on me occasionally and aches if I do too much with it.

So the massage therapist concentrated a bit on my leg muscles and hoo boy, I thought I was going to jump off that table a few times! After a bit, he sprayed something called cold spray on it and got right in there. I have to say it feels so much better! In fact my left knee feels better than my right. He says it's the illio-tibial tract that seemed to be giving the most reaction. Hopefully I've spelled that correctly since I'm off to google it in a moment.

As I was heading out of the building I saw one of the guys I work with. He said I was looking very serene. So, I guess money can buy serenity - well at least for a while ;)

Tough girl!

I saw a dietician today. She says I'm doing the right things - in fact she thinks I might be too tough on myself. What she had to say did seem to feel right.

I've been testing my blood glucose levels after eating various foods to see how they affect me. A lot of the levels just don't make any sense. I could eat the same thing (ie: cook one meal then halve it) one day and have a reasonable blood glucose level after 2 hours. Yet the rest of the meal the next day would send my levels to the quite high mark. Some days my levels don't always seem to have a lot of relation to what I eat. It was like that when I had gestational diabetes too (and I ended up on insulin injections fairly quickly then).

She said that if I had random highs even when eating properly, then I may need to speak to my doctor about medication. *sigh* I really don't want that though. I feel like it's admitting defeat.

I have this sinking feeling it might happen sooner rather than later though. My morning (fasting) bgl's are way higher than they should be, then they seem to go fairly low (for me low is around the 5 mmol/ml mark) before lunch. I spend a lot of mornings feeling like crap.

She thinks my levels may actually be going too low overnight, the liver then pushes out glucose to (possibly over) compensate, which then pushes up my fasting bgl's. Then when my body finally gets around to processing that glucose, it's going low enough to make me feel awful.

For now she wants to make sure I have a snack before bedtime to see if that helps keep my levels steadier overnight. Then if my body isn't pushing out too much glucose, there isn't as much insulin required to process it, so I won't go so low before lunch. I'm hope it works - I hate the feeling of low bgl's.

25 July, 2006

I shouldn't have said anything!

A while back I commented on this post about dreams on Sean's blog. My comment was that I don't remember my dreams. So last night - I had a dream I remember.

It was more a nightmare really. I don't really remember much. Something about someone snatching Chickie and wanting to hang him. I grabbed Chickie and curled my body around him to protect him while J fought off the bad guy with an axe.

I feel sick at the thought of someone trying to hurt my Chickie, and this dream's been on my mind all day. So, I looked up a dream dictionary to see if there's any meaning behind it. This is what I found at Dream moods:

  • To dream of being abducted, indicates that you are being controlled by your circumstances or by someone. To dream about witnessing an abduction, foretells of unexpected news.
  • To watch a hanging in your dream, represents your feelings of insecurity. Consider also the image as a pun for something in your life which you have left hanging or unfinished.
  • To dream that you are protecting someone, suggests that you are putting up an emotional wall or barrier between you and others around you. Consider who or what you are protecting for clues as to what aspect of your own self you are afraid of letting out and letting others know.
  • To see an ax in your dream, indicates that you are overly controlling. It is symbolic of destruction, hostility, and the frustrations that you are experiencing.

So what does all that actually mean? I'm overly controlling and put up a barrier between myself and others? I'm also insecure, have unfinished business, and I may be getting some unexpected news?

I don't know... the dream was pretty unsettling, is all I know.

24 July, 2006

I love talking on the phone...

and I hate talking on the phone.

I'm on the phone pretty much all day. A lot of the time I like it. I love chatting to people, helping them out with their problems. Some people can be so nice and friendly even when they're having problems with their phones or internet.

Some people are all business. They just want to get on to you quickly and get the problem fixed or reported and get off the line. I have no problem with that and will do my best to be as quick as I can.

Some people are angry at the circumstances of their problem but they take pains to let you know it's not you personally they're angry with. For those people I will do whatever I can to help out.

Then there are others. Others I really don't want to talk to. Others that are rude. Others that think they're the only person who deserves help and therefore want to jump the 'queue'. Others that hurl abuse at you because they think that making a big stink will get you to do whatever the hell they want and fsck anyone else that is ahead of them. Those I don't want to help at all. For these people I will do what my job requires but I will not go out of my way to help. These people get the absolute minimum I'm paid to do.

I don't understand why people treat others this way. I've been on the other end - waiting for ages in a queue, had problems with services, had to wait my turn and been annoyed by things. Is that any excuse for poor manners though? There are ways to communicate your displeasure that don't leave the rep, you are speaking to, wanting to reach down the phone line and slap you stupid.

It may seem silly but, to this day, I will not get pizza from a certain pizza company because of a customer I spoke to over 5 years ago. This particular guy had his franchise in my area and he was so rude that I decided we'd never buy anything from that chain ever again (and J buys a lot of pizza! He'd have it several times a week if I'd let him). That particular customer may not even be involved with that place any more, but I don't care. I don't care that it's just my little protest and it probably makes zero difference to them.

I do want to say thank you to the nice, friendly, even angry but polite callers out there. Thank goodness you're in the majority or I'd have quit a looong time ago.

23 July, 2006


I've been told it takes about six weeks of doing something consistently to make it a habit.

Not sure I believe that. I was told I was diabetic in the latter months of 2005 and part of the management plan is regular exercise - 30 mins a day. Regular exercise helps keep your blood glucose levels steady apparently.

So why is it that I'm sitting here blogging about exercise and not actually out there on the bike working off some calories? I've been exercising for months now and it most definitely isn't a habit. I really have to force myself to do it.

I was never a sporty kid. The most exercise I got as a teen was bush archery (no, not with real animals or anything - just cardboard targets around a great big hill). P.E. and sports carnivals were 'exercises' in getting out of stuff. At every athletics carnival my friends and I would volunteer to help out with the discus event. It was always the furthest from the main action and you couldn't always hear the announcements for your events.

The most disappointing thing? I've found that exercise is really the only way I lose weight. I was at my lowest weight when I lived in a flat on top of a hill and didn't have a car. I had to do the groceries in bits - as much as I was able to carry in my backpack (up the hill).

Oh well, better go do my half an hour for the day. At least I'm seeing results - I've lost about 12 kilos since September 2005 and it's noticeable. Lots of people have commented and I've bought jeans two sizes smaller.

21 July, 2006

test results are back

The x-rays are back and the very good news is no sign of any degenerative conditions in my knees.

Phew! I have to admit to being a bit worried when the discomfort and swelling didn't seem to want to go away (not to mention when the first doctor was throwing around terms like arthritis and psoriatic arthropathy - eeek!). At least it's getting better - just a little too slooooowly for my liking.

The report does say "There is minor irregularity of the patellar articular surface superiorly on the left. " but the doc says this is nothing to be concerned about. She believes it was just some inflammation that's now on it's way out. That's what I like to hear!

My Hb1Ac (or is it HbA1c??? I always get confused) results are back too. This is the test that averages your blood sugar levels over the past three months. Mine came back at 5.8 which is good. It's a little higher than last time but I thought it might be the case since my knee has stopped me from exercising as much as I had in the past. I was half expecting it to be over 6.0.

My results started off at 7.0 when I was diagnosed (apparently 7.0 is the cut off for diagnosis of diabetes type 2), then I had 5.9, 5.6 and now 5.8. I'm told these are really good levels.

I have to admit though, I don't think I'm doing that great with my diabetes. I'm still learning what foods send my blood glucose levels high. Sometimes it's really confusing because, at times, I'll eat the exact same thing and get really different results - one day may be quite high and others fine. I feel like I'm often bouncing between highs and lows, and to get the result like this 5.8, I wonder if there are many times that I'm going really low that I'm just not aware of (I try to test if I feel odd). I see a dietician next week so perhaps she can give me some help in figuring things out.

Gah! Will someone just discover a cure for diabetes already!!!

20 July, 2006

Hello, my name is Caramaena...

and I'm a blog-oholic.

Well, ok my name isn't really Caramaena, but addicted to blogs? Yep, that's me.

In the previous post the lovely Fairscape thanked me for stopping by so often. Often can mean a couple of times a day. I have a list of bookmarks of my favourite blogs (lots more than I have in my links on this page - I really need to update them) and the list is growing longer and longer. I even have them separated into folders of work related, personal and miscellaneous blogs. I love to see new posts and I wish my favourite bloggers would post more often!

I'm in Australia and most of the blogs I read are either based in the U.S. or the U.K. so the time difference means I can find new posts in my mornings and my evenings - that's why I check a couple of times a day. Ok ok, so I'm justifying my addiction now!

In any case, I'm always looking out for new blogs to read, so here's an invitation. Feel free to comment on this post, advertise your blog and I'll check it out. It would be great if you gave me a bit of an idea of what type of blog it is too. Expand my horizons people!

18 July, 2006


Yawn... I'm sleepy tonight.

I was up most of last night with Chickie crying hard - with what's probably a growing pains type of thing. Doctor says he's fine (and he was back to normal today).

I know experts say there's no such thing as growing pains, but whatever it was fits the 'traditional' description. Poor kid was so tired today, hopefully he'll get a good sleep tonight (and not get up too early - usual time is anywhere between 5.45-6.45am).

Speaking of pain - my left knee is still bothering me (though it's heaps better). I had x-rays of both my knees today, so hopefully we can figure out what's going on.

Looking at the payment slip for the x-rays gave me a pause. The radiologist I saw apparently charges less for the right knee than the left. Both have the same item number and description etc. Perhaps a discount for having both done at the same time? What's next then - a two for one offer? Group discounts?? ('Come on down! And bring the whole footy team to get an amaaazing saaaaaving!') heh.

On a sadder note, another tsunami has hit Indonesia. Not as deadly as the one a few years back, but still giving waves between 3 - 5 metres (depending on which news report you read). I'm sure the death toll will rise a bit over the next few days. I've no idea if it's hit areas that were hit during the big one, I hope not.

Hmmm... better get off to bed I guess. Before I doze off on the keyboard ;)

16 July, 2006

Stubborn kid

When Chickie gets his mind set on something - that's it. There is no changing it. Like his Marvin the 'Marshman' thing.

Today he was watching the Smurfs on Boomerang (paytv channel here in Aust.) and some skeleton warriors appeared. Chickie said 'look mum, sketelons'. I tried to correct him saying 'ske-le-tons' and he's going 'no mum, it's ske-te-lons'. Saying it syllable by syllable back to me in a very insistent way. After a while I just gave up.

He's always been like this. Even when he was younger and just learning to speak. J's parent's had bought a new fridge that beeped if you left the door open. They showed me how it beeped and Chickie looked up and said 'truck!'. I explained it was the fridge, but no, he wasn't having any of it. Eventually he came up to me, put both palms on my cheeks so he could look me in the eyes and said, very forcefully 'truck'.

The teenage years are going to be very interesting, I think...

15 July, 2006

Amusing movie

This gave me a chuckle.

Yes, I work in a call centre. No, not one like that. Thank heavens I don't have that many phones - one phone is plenty!

Kiddy rides

Chickie loves playing on the kiddy rides you see in shopping centres, but he's never wanted to have a ride on them. Wouldn't have anything to do with them if they were moving, and I'll be honest - that hasn't bothered me one iota!

Well, we went to a centre yesterday that had a thomas the tank engine one, he asked for a ride and actually sat there the whole time. When it finished he ran over, threw his arms around me and triumphantly announced "I'm not afraid anymore mum!". Heh, it was cute.

Of course, then he wanted to have a ride on all the ones we saw... he was content to just play on them though.

One I saw was of Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. It looked like a jeep or something with Steve and a croc in the back. It tried to show Steve with a surprised look on his face (presumably to go with his catchphrase 'Crikey') but honestly it looked just like the blowup rubber sex dolls with their open mouths.

11 July, 2006

It started with a paper clip??

Now this guy is a savvy trader.

Apparently some guy in Canada has done a series of trades online, starting with a paperclip and trading up to a house! Heh, I'm sure I have lots of paperclips lying around - anyone got a house they want to trade it for???

The news story says it took him 14 trades, which is pretty quick if you ask me. He says says he basically wanted to do an online version of a game called bigger and better (I've never actually heard of the game before though).

The story mentions he has a blog as well - anyone know what the link might be? I wouldn't mind reading it.

09 July, 2006

Random stuff

This is cool. Tom's blog Random Acts of Reality is one I read regularly. He's written a book called Blood, Sweat and Tea and that link is a little video blurb about his new book. Always interesting to see/hear the person you read regularly...

Chickie is right into the old Loony Tunes cartoons these days (as well as Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, Wacky Races etc). He loves the Marvin the Martian character... except he refuses to accept his name is Marvin the Martian - he insists it's Marvin the Marshman.

The new Doctor Who series was back on tv tonight. Finally! I really like this new series.

Oh and I bought a new pair of jeans today... in the next size down. That's officially two dress sizes I've dropped in less than a year. (ok ok, they're stretch jeans - but they're still the next size down so I'm claiming victory!) Only 6 more kilos to go until I'm in my healthy weight for height range. Yay!

08 July, 2006

Happy and sad at the same time.

I'm happy but a little bit sad at the same time.

I'm happy because a very good friend at work has found a new job. It's something in the industry he's been studying at uni and it's a very good offer salary wise. He's been looking around for a while and this one seems perfect for him.

I'm sad because I'll miss him and our good times. He's an absolute riot to work with. He's kept me sane throughout the not-so-fun times at work. He's the sort of guy that would do anything to help you.

I know we'll keep in touch but I'm still a bit sad about it. There's quite a few people I used to work with that I would have liked to keep in closer touch with. There was a big group of us that got on so well. We email each other a lot - trying to outdo each other with funny links, videos jokes etc but I haven't actually seen them in months. I might email them and see if we can organise a get together soon. Moving around the country so much in the past has meant I've lost touch with a lot of good friends - I really need to make more of an effort!

Workwise, I wrote in this post, a while back, that if I stay where I am until December I'm eligible to have my long service leave paid out if I leave. I double checked what effect my parental leave would have and, unfortunately, it turns out I'm not actually eligible until mid October 2007 :(

So now I don't know what to do. Do I stay the year and a bit, so I'm eligible? It's currently worth 7 weeks of leave right now so who knows by the time I get to October next year. I really don't like the line faults part of the current job role (in place until November). We've been told that it probably won't be extended further but I don't know (previous experience tells me it quite possibly will be). I'm told there may be another role coming up, that I would be interested in, but there's no guarantees it will be offered to our centre. If that happens it will take place in the next 3 months. Ugh, I don't know what to do - I feel so indecisive!

04 July, 2006

More stuff to be worried about with Australia's draconian IR laws

This story is about a mine worker who was sacked after not signing a new workplace agreement. She apparently didn't give into the pressure being placed on her so was sacked. According to the news article, the employer apparently admitted to sacking her for not signing the new agreement.

One of the new 'rules' in the awa, they wanted her to sign, was to give 12 hours notice for sick leave or she'd have to pay a fine of $200. How ridiculous. If I was working under that agreement I'd be fined on occasion - but honestly I'd have no way of avoiding it. You see I get migraines occasionally and about a third of the time I wake up with them. Now, as I get the auras with my migraines, I can't actually see anything other than flashing lights, so not safe to drive (or do much else to be honest). In that situation, I'd be forced to go to work and possibly be an occupational health and safety hazard or be fined!

She's taking the employer to court to test the supposed protection given by the new laws. Pardon me for being cynical but I don't see that there's much protection for workers, in these new laws, at all - just employers.

03 July, 2006

The big brother furore

It's all over the place... newspapers, radio, tv, the net. In case you hadn't heard though, two housemates from the Australian Big Brother show were removed from the house on the weekend after an 'incident'.

I don't watch the show much. A bit here and there, I check the eviction show to see who gets evicted but not much else. I didn't find out anything about what actually happened until this afternoon. I also heard, for the first time, the term 'turkey slap' today.

If the pics here, here and here are anything to go by, the guys may have thought it was just a bit of mucking around or a practical joke (as they said in their short tv spot tonight), but it didn't look too fun, for Camilla, to me. We probably won't really know what she thinks until she's evicted though.

It's all a bit of a mess really.