30 April, 2006


Big news story here tonight - they've found two miners still alive in the Tasmanian mine collapse! It's wonderful news for their families and I hope rescuers can get them safely to the surface.

News reports are saying they've been talking to them. I'll bet people in the town can't help but think of the tragedy in the U.S. a while back, where reports came that some trapped miners were still alive but it turned out to not be true.

I wonder how they've managed to stay alive. They've been trapped for 5 days with no food or water (unless they took lunchboxes and the like down with them). I can't imagine how they're coping.

28 April, 2006

The other member of our household?

The sun eventually came out today and that's when I saw this lizard sunning itself. I think it's a blue tongue lizard, but not having seen its tongue, I'm not sure. Anyone know for sure?

A (rainy) day off to myself

My work roster gives me today (Friday) and tomorrow off. J and Chickie will be home tomorrow but today is all mine. Now, what do I do with it??

I've already spent a fair chunk of it sleeping in - something I don't get to do on a regular basis. So what do I do with the rest of the day?

Here's what I should be doing:
  • cleaning the house (stays clean when I'm the only one here!)
  • exercising
  • looking into an OHS&W matter for a colleague (no interruptions like at work, so easier to do at home)
  • filing misc papers/paying bills (tax time is only a few months away)
  • organising a party for a friend
  • continue going through my book on learning PHP
  • see my doctor again to get some paperwork done (for my diabetes)

Here's what I'd like to do:
  • beading (haven't done anything in months and can't really do it when Chickie's about, he's too interested)
  • shopping (I've lost some weight so clothes are having to be hitched up a bit lately)
  • watching some movies/tv I've taped and haven't had time to watch yet (ok ok, so tv *does* play a big part in my life hehe)
  • playing Neopets or Sims 2
  • go see a movie

hmmm... I think I'll go watch the Dead Like Me episode I taped, while I exercise on my bike to start with.

I do need to look into the OHS&W matter and better make some calls about the party (since it's soon!). Beading... well perhaps tonight after Chickie's in bed.

Shopping I should probably ignore since the credit card's feeling a bit bruised and battered (paid for next term's jewellery class the other day). Guess I'll just have to hitch up the jeans another week or so.

I'd better put some effort into the PHP as well. There's a project at work coming up and while I've put my hand up to do some of the simpler things (writing, editing, proofreading), I'd love to be able to put more into it.


Oh. my. god.
Why would you do this to yourself! hehe

And for my tv related post today, Adro won Australia's biggest loser tonight. I was hoping he'd win. I was also amazed by Wal's huge weight loss but most impressed by David. He lost a lot and since he was only in the house one week, he pretty much did it on his own. It's one thing to go into the house where you can concentrate on not much besides eating right and exercising a LOT, but to be in the real world and doing that yourself, well done!

24 April, 2006

Which way do you face in the shower?

Someone told me, the other day, that women tend to face away from the water when showering and men face the water. I face away and J faces toward the water, so for us its true.

How about you? Do you face the water or stand with your back towards the water? And do you have any reason for standing that way?

23 April, 2006


We bought a new microwave today. The old one has the paint flaking on the top inside, the timer display only shows the seconds and the beep to say it's finished sounds strange. So, we went shopping today for a new one.

I had to giggle at the stuff on the box of the new one. In very large letters it proclaims 'INSTANT ACTION'. I don't think I've ever seen a microwave that just starts when it feels like it.

So, what the heck do I do with the old one now? J's suggestion was to give it to the Salvo's or something, but I don't know that it's in a good enough condition for that. It still works but I don't know.

21 April, 2006


I've just realised that my last 5 posts have been about tv related topics. From that, you'd think that's all I do!

Just for a change, here's a link to some really cool pavement chalk drawings. Check them out - they're amazing.

They won!

My cousin was on Friday Night Games again tonight and her team won the grand final! It was pretty cool to see her having fun. She won a gym membership, a very nice tv and $50,000 to their choice of charity (Beyond Blue).

They kept showing certain members of the audience cheering her team on and I wondered if they were her kids. They might have been, but considering I haven't seen K or her family for years, it's very unlikely I'd recognise them ;) How slack am I?

18 April, 2006

Things I have learned from tv #1

Dandruff rains down upon your head like raindrops and a major anti-dandruff shampoo will give you a little glass like cap over your head to stop you from getting it. That dandruff just bounces right off!

Too bad about anyone you're standing next to... guess they'll catch all that dandruff then, huh?

16 April, 2006

More tv stuff

My cousin was on a tv gameshow the other night. I didn't see the show but apparently she'll be on next week too.

Funny thing is, I saw the show (Friday Night Games) a few weeks back and saw this woman who looked exactly like my cousin K - only as she would have looked years ago (I haven't seen her in a long long time). Then they showed her name and it was my cousin's name too. I thought it was just a coincidence, surely that couldn't be K - there's *no way* she could look the same as she did years ago. Apparently I was wrong. Mum called to say she was on and she should be on next week too (her team made the finals, she said).

I'm just amazed that she looks exactly the same as the last time I saw her. Heh, wish I did!!

14 April, 2006

15 minutes of 'fame'?

Ooh, I'm friends with someone who's had the local current affairs program 'chase' them for an interview. Not much in the way of chasing though, since our friends were more than happy to do the interview. Funny thing though, the current affairs people lost interest after hearing their side of the dispute.

Pretty standard story really - neighbour dispute starting with the friend's neighbour building their house slightly over the property line, into our friend's property. There's been all sorts of goings on and now it looks like our friends have gone to court so they can build the retaining wall they need (the neighbours won't allow them to temporarily dismantle the fence to allow them to build it). I wonder if that's why the neighbour called the current affairs program? By the sounds of it, it won't get to tv. It sounds like the reporter lost interest very quickly once they'd heard both sides.


I've seen a couple of those plastic surgery before and after type shows the last week or so and noticed something odd.

The producers (presumably?) blur out the nipples on any women showing breasts (ie: implant or reduction surgery) The breast is fine, it's just the nipple they blur. So there was one person who was born a woman but wanted to live as a man. Since he was pretty big up top, strapping the breasts was uncomfortable so he wanted them removed. So we got to see the initial examination - showing the breast but blurring the nipple, then we got to see the operation - again blurring the nipple only. You'd think this means the nipple is the bit they object to, right?? No apparently not. Once they'd removed the breast tissue and then started to reattach the nipple, all was viewable - no blurring at all. All in all we got to see his breast - and his nipple... just not together. I thought that was rather strange.

To be honest I think blurring the nipple in the first place is pointless for this kind of show. It's a medical show, not something designed to be sexy.

13 April, 2006

David Hicks

You know, it's pretty poor that David Hicks has had to apply for UK citizenship to try to resolve his situation. (He got it today).

I totally don't agree with his politics but I'm shocked that he's been there in Guantanamo for four years awaiting tribunal/trial or whatever they want to call it. The whole thing's a farce and our government doesn't appear to care one iota. The Bush administration seem to be making the rules up as they go along and our government is just nodding its head and saying 'yessir, nossir, three bags full sir'... pathetic!

12 April, 2006

The new aussie IR laws

I'm quite concerned about these new laws. I'm not a liberal voter anyway and can't stand little Johnny Howard, but these laws seem to be focusing on the employers rights and appear to give nothing to the workers, but uncertainty. I've been searching for something that summarises the new laws and this New Zealand paper's article does it pretty well - and hey, it was easy to find ;)

We've already seen media reports of companies terminating jobs and then offering the workers the same jobs with less pay and benefits. The cynic in me, says this is little Johnny's idea of 'more jobs'... The scary thing is, I've seen news reports of the company I work for letting workers go and then rehiring them as contractors. Now I don't think that will happen in my area but I really feel for these people. J used to work as a contractor and honestly some of the conditions sucked!

I know we've had it pretty good here and there are probably areas that need some adjusting, but honestly I don't think these laws are going to be good for Australia in the long run. I really think it will end up punishing the poorer section of Australian workers. I'm sure it will be great for little Johnny's rich buddies but they don't exactly need the protection, now do they?

What the fsking hell was Australia thinking, to give that lot control of the senate???

10 April, 2006

long time no blog...

I haven't updated in a while. Not because nothing's been happening but I've not been in the right frame of mind. I was reading a blog recently that said you should aim to write something everyday. I think I'll try it and see :)

So, what's been happening with me lately??

One of the things that's happened recently, has been a visit from my mum and dad. They've visited a couple of times since Chickie was born but this is the first visit where I think he'll remember them. We were waving them off and as they drove out of the street, he looked up and said "I miss them, tell them to come back". It was a nice visit but I'm glad to be back to normal, as it were. I'm really a routine person and changes unsettle me - even if I love the changes!

I bought a pair of jeans in the next size down. I guess I can officially say I've dropped a dress size. I went to the doc's again today for my regular three monthly visit and I've officially lost 9 kilos since being diagnosed with diabetes. The doc's scales say i'm 76 kg's right now (mine say 77). I set myself a goal of being 75 kgs by Chickie's birthday in June. I may just make it!

I've been doing a jewellery class once a week. I've made a sterling silver ring (that started off as a strip of metal) and have almost finished a butterfly pendant. Half of the class have also finished making a bracelet as well, but I'm only at the stage of soldering up the links, so I doubt I'll finish that this term. I plan on doing the class again next term though, so I guess I'll finish it then. It wasn't originally what I thought it would be but I'm having fun. I've never used stuff like a jewellery saw, or blow torch or buffing machines before.

Work's work... I should post about that some day. Some of the people I speak to just baffle me sometimes. Some are so rude and horrible that you wonder how they get on in life! Thankfully those are the exception to the rule.

Okey dokey then... lets see how long I can last in this posting everyday thing then, huh?