26 November, 2008

Ok, I'm terrible!

J's dad is currently away on a business trip so we thought it would be nice if we took J's mum out to dinner. Chickie's been asking to go out to a restaurant for a few weeks too (he loves eating out).

Arrangements were made for last night - J's mum would come round at 6 and we'd all head down to the restaurant.

Well, J's mum came around, but we were just sitting down to dinner - we totally forgot! I felt so bad about it (still do!). Seriously I have a mind like swiss cheese sometimes.

How embarrassing...

06 November, 2008


I am so angry right now.

On my way to work today, I heard that Chickie's school has had a fire in a storage shed. The police suspect arson. This is the second fire in less than a month. A few weeks ago their art room and adjoining classrooms were destroyed.

The fire a few weeks ago caused so much heartache for the staff and teachers. There were irreplaceable personal items lost, as well as a heap of school equipment. Then there's the loss of the rooms themselves. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage - and Chickie's teacher says they don't know if they can use the buildings again. Last I heard they'd probably have to be demolished.

Now another building - this time a storage shed. I've no idea what's in it but I can't imagine there'd be too many empty storage sheds around. They'll have lost stuff I'm sure.

Now Chickie's school is not a big one. In fact enrollments are shrinking in this particular school. It's just a local junior primary/primary school, tucked into a well established family area. It's not rich but it's a lovely school. With the exception of stupid vandals who think it's funny to break windows, spray paint on the buildings and smash glass on the oval (what a mean thing that is to do to a school - the kids couldn't use it for ages), it's well cared for and the school itself has a lovely community feel.

Why do people do this?