24 February, 2006

busy busy busy

It's been a busy couple of weeks...

In a previous post, I mentioned that our team has so little to do that the powers that be would soon find stuff for us to do. Well, they found something... we've now been crossed trained to do line faults. At this point in time it's only for a few weeks - I just hope it's not permanent! The training was a little tedious since there are so many procedures to follow. From a newly trained outsider's point of view, it looks like they're triplicating their work for no discernable reason (I guess there has to be a reason, but I just can't see what it is). I've taken a few calls and it's not too bad so far. I don't feel like I'm using my brain doing this though.

Then today I went to my first state funeral ever. One of our team mates' father is a state politician, who died last weekend. Most of our team were given time off to go to the funeral to show our support to our team mate (N) and I'm quite impressed by the company for doing so. We didn't know N's dad, but we wanted to make sure N knew we were there for him.

The funeral was a very loving tribute to him. A family friend delivered a eulogy written by N and it was beautiful. I cried then, as well as when the pall bearers took the coffin out. N was a pall bearer and though you could see how upset he was, he managed to hold it together. This must be so hard for him. They're a very close family.

13 February, 2006

political views?

I read a few blogs when I get time. Mostly amusing ones like The Company Bitch but I've also gotten into others like Waiter Rant, Neenaw and A Year in the Life of a Police Dispatcher.

After hearing about the infamous danish cartoons, I also started reading a few blogs like And Far Away to see what was being said.

I'm conflicted about the whole cartoon thing and whether I want to put my thoughts about political items here. I think it could easily turn into a rant about a whole range of things, so perhaps not.

Other than this perhaps... I've seen the cartoons and I can see why some would cause people to be upset, however I can't see how this justifies the reaction and deaths.

Yeah, better stop there... perhaps I should just stick to Australian politics - there's enough stuff there to get irritated about (little Johnnie Howard and his lot, to start with)...

02 February, 2006

20/20 vision

Yep, that's what I have now. I had an appointment with the docs yesterday and that's what they told me. It's such a nice thing to hear when you've worn glasses or contact lenses for about 30 years. I'm over the moon about having LASIK.

I've worn glasses since I was about 10 years old or so. I tried contact lenses for a while and the soft lenses were great. Unfortunately I developed an allergy to the soft lenses and could only wear the hard ones. What a pita they were! I could only wear them about 6 hours a day and they were never really comfortable. After Chickie was born I just gave up and wore my glasses.

When I was told I had diabetes last year, I was afraid I'd missed the boat and wouldn't be able to have the surgery done. Thankfully I was told it shouldn't be a problem so decided I'd get it done asap. I'm so glad I did.

On another happy note - my blog got mentioned on someone else's - http://kmaynards.blogspot.com/ - what a nice thing to do :)