16 February, 2008

Ah, the things kids learn in school...

I picked Chickie up from school the other day and he was telling me about his day. He told me that something funny had happened. He said:

"D likes L, so they had the sex and he kissed her".

He obviously had no idea what sex is, because the kissing was the amazing and very hilarious part.

He's 5 and a half! Perhaps I'd better buy that Where Did I Come From book? I remember that one being around when I was a kid and I seem to remember it being quite informative.

07 February, 2008

spoke too soon

Recently I made a comment on house & baby's blog about how Chickie had picked up every cold and bug that was going around when he was at childcare - but had been healthy so far at school. Well, obviously I didn't knock on wood hard enough, or didn't cross my fingers tightly enough... because he now has a cold. He seems fine - apparently two mouthfuls of cough medicine will fix him right up (so he says) - you have to love the resilience of little kids. J, however, seems to have caught it too and didn't look very good at all last night.

This morning I felt fine when I got out of bed, but not long after I arrived at work, I started feeling achy and my throat started to feel all scratchy. Then a bit later I started having this strong craving for raw carrot. That's always been my signal for the start of a cold or whatever. I could never figure out why I'd feel like eating carrots when my throat is sore and I'm feeling under the weather. Am I weird or do others get strange cravings when they're sick (please tell me I'm not weird!) . Anyway I've come home from work early to try to rest (in the hopes of getting rid of it sooner) and as soon as I've finished my lemon and ginger tea, I'm off to bed.

In other news, Chickie has now lost both the teeth that were being pushed aside for the big front tooth. The big front tooth is taking up the space that used to contain two, so I'm thinking dental fund is a good idea (and a big holiday, if he doesn't need, it is a great idea hehe).

My twitch is mostly gone. Stretching, heat etc didn't really seem to do anything to it, so I don't know what's caused it - or caused it to go away again.

In other big news - J and I might be visiting New Zealand later this year. I'm so excited! I might get to go skiing, which I've never tried before.

Right, tea's finished, so I'm off to lie down.