30 September, 2007

But muuuuuuuum...

The complaint from Chickie:

"Why do you make me do everything?"

The heinous crime:

I told him to get up and get his own drink bottle, when he was thirsty.

The kicker?

He was about a metre away from the drink bottle (it was a chair over from him in the lounge room), whereas I was 2 rooms away.

I'm such a mean mother...

27 September, 2007

ups and downs

You know, there's no way I'd be able to be bulimic. You'd be able to tell straight off with me.

I currently have splotches all around my mouth and eyes because I've been ill last night and today. I suppose it's broken blood vessels in my face, and it doesn't look very attractive. Not that I particularly care how I look right now. Heck I'm still in my pj's (and have been all day). Right now, all I care about is whether my stomach could keep down a little bit of chicken soup. I did manage to have some vegemite toast at lunch time so perhaps it will be ok.

Of course the annoying thing is that we may have to cancel a bbq with our friends. You see, we'd organised to have friends come over a couple of weeks ago. They had to cancel since their baby had conjunctivitis (which they didn't want to share - phew!), so we organised for them to come over last Friday. Again they had to cancel as one of them had a nasty case of tonsilitis. So, it was arranged for them to come over tomorrow. Now I'm hoping I'll be over this stomach bug, but given how queasy I still feel... I have my doubts. Oh well, we'll wait and see.


Chickie had a great time at his sports day yesterday. He even got a ribbon for third in the 5 year old boys race. He's so proud of it.

They had all sorts of cute stuff like the dressup race (yep, putting on clothes, bag, necklaces etc), the egg and spoon race, the water race and the sack race. I had to work, but J took the day off and Chickie's grandmother and grandfather dropped in for a bit too. So there were lots of photos for me to see.

25 September, 2007

call centres

Have you ever worked in a call centre? I'm sure most people have called one, but have you ever wondered what it's like on the other side? Have a read of this. Now our company is pretty good. We're paid well and while there are times where it's exhausting and stressful, I don't believe we've ever had things go to this extreme.

That said, though the story might be exaggerated (aren't most stories in the media exaggerated?), I can totally see it being true - because the same basics seem to apply all over. I've also heard similar stories from people who have worked in call centres for other companies.

It can be a tough job sometimes, especially when it gets busy. We're flat out at the moment and our team is getting offered as much overtime as we want. It's leading to burn out though. There are quite a few in our team feeling like they can't take much more. I must admit I broke down today, though I think it was a combination of the workload and stress - as well as the shock of my friend G having only weeks to live. It's so embarrassing crying in your cubicle.

On a more upbeat note, Chickie has a sports day at school tomorrow and he's so excited about it. He's in the yellow team, so please send all yellow vibes this way tomorrow!

Also, it's the last week of the school term, this week, and his class is having a little party on the last day. We have to bring a plate of something to share. Half the class has been asked to bring something savoury and the other half sweet. We have to bring savoury, but I'm suffering brain fade and can't think of a thing. Any suggestions?

24 September, 2007


I went to visit a friend (G) in hospital tonight. She fought breast cancer a few years back and thought she'd won. Then earlier this year they discovered she had a tumour in her brain that was inoperable. She had chemo again and was on the verge of coming back to work (just an hour a week to ease her into things), when things went downhill suddenly last Friday.

So now she's in palliative care and they're saying it's a matter of weeks. She won't be going home again.

G is one of the receptionists at work and she is one of the most lovely and loving people you could ever meet. Our building has hundreds of people working there and it's going to be hard when she does pass away. She's so loved in our company that the head of the division flew over to visit her.

I'm just torn up about this. I'm trying not to cry in front of Chickie but seeing G tonight was a shock.

19 September, 2007

back to everyday life

My 4 days off was nice - but it's back to the everyday again now. Work's as busy as usual and I'm looking forward to my usual weekend off this week - though that's going to be busy too!

Friday we have some friends coming around for a bbq. On Saturday night J's work is putting on a 10 pin bowling evening (their social club tries quite hard to organise fun stuff for the staff and their families). Good thing I've already seen the season finale of Doctor Who, otherwise I'd be going nowhere! Then Sunday after work, we're going around to a friend's place to celebrate his birthday.

Chickie's going well at school. He's been the 'Star of the Day' again and received more little certificates (latest was for 'getting along with others'). He's so proud of them, but also a bit jealous of one boy, who apparently has 'one hundred fifty million nine'* certificates.

His class went on an excursion to the zoo yesterday. Chickie was so excited - and so exhausted at the end of the day. He's been telling me all about endangered animals and also about how his best friend didn't get to see a turkey. I'm guessing his friend must have been really disappointed since Chickie's mentioned it several times since the excursion!

I was waiting at the school for the bus (it was running a little late) and overheard one of the other teachers talking about Chickie's teacher (L) and how she thought that L was crazy for taking the kids on an excursion. She was saying there was no way she'd put herself through it and that L would learn once she'd been in the job a few years. I don't know... taking a bunch of 5 year olds to the zoo wouldn't be something I'd want to do either, but I'm kind of glad L is relatively new to the job and had the enthusiasm to organise it. Chickie had a great time.

*direct quote from Chickie.

13 September, 2007

feeling relaxed

Day two of my 4 day weekend and I'm feeling a little tired. Well, playing World of Warcraft til 3am will do that I guess - even if I didn't have to get up at any particular time (I got up at 9 anyway since I was awake). Killing virtual monsters is quite therapeutic!

I'm feeling quite relaxed, knowing I don't have to go into work. Guess the stress was getting to me. Even my blood sugar levels are lower on waking. The last 3 or 4 weeks they seem to be in the high 7's in the mornings (it's meant to be around 5.5), no matter what I did the night before - hard workout, snack before bed, no snack before bed, lowering the carb levels at dinner. Yet yesterday and today - 5.6 and 5.7. I need to win a lottery and become independently wealthy. For my health, don'tcha know...

Hmmm... what to do now... perhaps a nice relaxing bubble bath? I figure I've earned it since I've just done a workout on the exercise bike.

Oh and I'd just like to say that Nori Wasabi flavoured peanuts are delish and very addictive (not to mention quite hot!). Very good when you have the munchies but don't want to go overboard - I can't really have very many at a time.

11 September, 2007

A long weekend!!

Yay! 4 days off. I'm looking forward to doing very little the next few days. Think of me sleeping in, if you're getting up to work over the next few days. [grin]

We took Chickie to see Ratatouille today. It was pretty good and I loved the Pixar short film at the beginning. All three of us laughed a lot at that.

I still don't have a new mobile phone yet. Work still hasn't posted the new phone deals for the month - and we're nearly halfway through the month! I've decided I should get something with navigation/maps etc, a decent camera (2 or 3 megapixel will do) and something that's not too big. Some of the ones I've looked at are quite big in size and probably have more features than I really need (well want actually, all I really need is something for calls and text). Of course, if I decide not to bother waiting and just go buy something - odds are that it will be the next to go on special.

05 September, 2007

A better day today

because it's J's birthday! It's not been a real exciting day for him though. He took today off work but still had to go to TAFE this afternoon (he's studying computer programming). At least he had a relaxing morning. Hopefully we can do something special this weekend.

Chickie's not feeling so great though. Looks like he's got a cold, poor thing. I thought it might be allergies at first, since I've also had a bit of light hayfever lately, but no, I think it's a cold. He looked quite wrung out today.

As for me... I've organised to have a 4 day weekend next week. I'm feeling the stress a bit at work so decided I needed a bit of down time. I can't wait!

04 September, 2007

I'm in a bad mood

A Very Bad Mood, in fact.

I start work at 6.30am. I am so not a morning person. Getting up at 5.30am is a struggle for me. I do this so I can ensure I'm there to pick Chickie up from school in the afternoons (J takes him to school in the mornings). I will be putting in for after school care - when it becomes available because I'm finding it hard to get up this early (not to mention work is letting me start at 6.30 as a favour - it costs them, since I get paid at a higher rate if I start early).

So, why can't Chickie cooperate and not wake me up 15 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off? I cannot stand being woken just before my alarm goes off. He wouldn't go back to sleep either, so I'm grumpy from being woken early and he's whiny because he's up too early. Heaven only knows what he'll be like after a full day of school. He's so tired afterwards, even when he has had enough sleep!

Of course, then I come into work (after cursing all the idiot drivers in front of me, on the way in) and the first calls I have are people whining or looking for an easy way out of the call they're on. I hope neither was psychic, since all I was thinking was 'Stop whining, because I don't care, just go do your job properly!'

It's going to be a long day...