28 July, 2007

Of wizards, buses and stars.

Well, I've had a week off work (back to the daily grind tomorrow) and I must admit I haven't done a lot with it. I've mostly been reading the new Harry Potter book (loved it and now have plans to read the lot again from the beginning) to fill in time between dropping off and picking up Chickie from school.

I did schedule a few appointments this week too. A doctor's appointment for my regular HbA1c (I have a lovely bruise in the crook of my right elbow) and a cut and colour for my hair (looks nice, thanks for asking), not to mention going to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Still I don't feel like I accomplished much this week. It was pretty relaxing though.

On my way to the hair dressers the other day, I saw something for the first time - a two bus collision. Well, I didn't see the actual collision but but the police were there putting up traffic cones and the buses were still there. One had a smashed in front left corner and the other had the side of the bus smashed in. I've heard of plenty of cars try their luck at intersections, and t-bone other cars but I've never heard of buses doing it. Perhaps the drivers were playing chicken?

Chickie's loved the first week of school. On Thursday he was the star of the day and was the leader for their fitness class. He was so proud to show me his name in the big star on the board.

I didn't need to worry about what to feed him. He's mostly been eating ham sandwiches and his fruit (usually bananas) and usually finishes his Vita-weat crackers at home. He's still as hungry as a horse at home but it sounds like he's too busy to eat at school. I'm just glad he's enjoying it.

24 July, 2007

Day two

And Chickie was excited to go back to school. So, I figure he must have enjoyed himself. He didn't care that we were going yesterday and barely looked in our direction as we were leaving today. Mind you, after asking about his day yesterday, you'd think all he'd done all day was play in the playground and in the sand pit!

He must be making friends though. We went down to the shops afterwards to get a little celebration cake, of his choosing, for starting school (a choc mint mud cake from the Cheesecake Shop - well, a quarter of one really) and a little girl in a similar 'uniform' called out his name and said hello. He didn't know her name, mind you...

So, all in all he's fine. Me on the other hand... well, I still can't believe he's old enough to go to school. Yesterday, J and I came home and I had a tear or two and then J left for work. I tried to settle down to read the new Harry Potter book but just couldn't concentrate on it. So, I haven't got very far yet. I've got the full week off work and I've scheduled something each day (today I saw the new Harry Potter movie - loved it) so hopefully I'll actually finish the book sometime!

I'm glad I'm not working this week. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be much use there, while I'm this scatterbrained!

23 July, 2007

All growed up

Well, my sweet little baby is a big school boy now. J and I took him in this morning, found his spot in the classroom, put his water bottle in the basket with the others, his lunch box and hat in his tray, then hung his (now empty) school bag in the cloak room. We left him there happily drawing a picture and talking to the girl who sits next to him.

He was so excited to be all dressed up in his uniform (though I don't think he's going to like wearing the skivvies I got, he kept fiddling with the neck) and wearing his backpack. He barely waved when we left, so I think the visits a few weeks ago were a very good idea.

J and I got sniffly on the way out. You probably won't be surprised to hear I was more 'sniffly' though ;)

I feel at a bit of a loose end now (I have this week off work), but it's probably a good thing I have the new Harry Potter book to distract me until 3pm.

22 July, 2007

The countdown is on!

No, not the Harry Potter one - that one's been and gone and J's currently reading the book in the bedroom. The real countdown is that Chickie starts school Monday morning.

How is it possible that he's old enough to go to school now? I know he's ready for it. His teacher at the childcare centre tells me he's completely ready academic wise. They're doing this Letterland thing and he's just soaking it up like a sponge. They've only been doing it a few weeks and he spelt out the word Myer today, while shopping (and technically they're only up to the letter F!). She also says he's very social and will probably find it very easy to make friends.

We've bought clothes for him to wear. The school's dress code is navy, red and white. So far we have lots of navy stuff and a few red things. It was actually really hard to find stuff for him in navy, in his size. There was plenty of grey around but hardly anything in navy. I managed to find two pairs of navy school uniform type pants (one in size 4 which will only fit for a while, and one in size 5) and as a back up, he has two pairs of cord navy pants. This is just not the time to be looking for winter clothing - all the summer stuff is starting to come out!

Anyway, all the new clothes have been washed and hopefully it will be enough to keep him reasonably clothed.

We've been practising opening lunch containers. He's not finding that so easy - some of the new containers we've bought are a bit stiff still. Hopefully they'll loosen up soon and in the mean time we've bought some resealable plastic bags that he finds easier.

His lunch is probably going to be a bit boring to start with. He's decided all he wants on his sandwiches is either vegemite or ham. He likes the idea of Vita-Weat crackers with vegemite and either bananas or apples for fruit.

My sister suggested I don't get into the habit of sending muesli bars, sultanas or fruit rollups (basically any sort of 'sticky' type foods), since one of her boys ended up with 9 fillings in his first year of school. She said the dentist told her it's often because the kids don't always drink enough water to rinse the food from their teeth. Chickie doesn't seem to drink very much at home, to me (he does actually like water though, thank goodness), so I think perhaps I might take that advice and only send those types of things occasionally. Though, once he actually goes and sees what the other kids eat... things could be different.

So, am I ready for this? Um no... he's my little baby! He's too little for school!

17 July, 2007

A photo of me

I was sorting out some pics of Chickie's bowling party for my family and found a pic of me when I visited Japan. I was there 20 years ago now but it seems like only a few years back. Meggie's mention of creating a kimono outfit for a doll reminded me of the trip.

It was a fun 2 weeks, not to mention a great experience. My oldest nephew will be there this Christmas and I'm sure he'll have a great time too.

I got to experience quite a bit while there - Tokyo Disneyland, a Japanese wedding, karaoke in a karaoke bar, trying a kimono, visiting Mt Fuji, Tokyo trains and the Bullet Train, visiting a movie lot/theme park and visiting many many lovely shrines and gardens. I stayed with penfriends and their families and would love to go back again one day.

I've got heaps more photos of the trip and I really should get around to scanning them. When I do, I'll have to post some of the pics of the gardens. They really are stunning.

It really doesn't feel like it was 20 years ago...

12 July, 2007

How did I keep from giggling?

My float - when it comes to business speak, I feel your pain!

Today we had a presentation from some of our directors and project managers to keep us up to date on what's happening with the company (I work in a call centre for a telecommunications company). I seriously had to bite my tongue when I heard phrases such as 'drilling down', 'deep-diving' and 'disseminating the granularity'. Though I can't recall if disseminating was the word they actually used (it started with d, I know that much). By that stage I was too busy concentrating on keeping a straight face...

Has anyone got a clue what granularity has to do with working in customer service???

10 July, 2007

Future occupation for Chickie #2

Con artiste!

When I picked Chickie up from child care today, I had a quick chat with his teacher - she was asking me if Chickie was born overseas. She said he has convinced the kids in his room that he was born in Asia. The teachers weren't sure about it since they thought he was born at the hospital 10 mins up the road (yes, that is where he was born), but they were unsure enough to check with me.

Apparently he was very convincing...


Now, I have a request from the parents of any school aged children.

Chickie starts school in just over a week and a half(!) and I'm looking for some ideas. What do you put in your child's lunchboxes? Any tips you can pass on about stuff I should avoid?

Also, how do you label your child's school clothes? How many uniforms/outfits do you find necessary for the school week? Chickie's school has a dress code rather than a uniform so he can wear anything in navy, red or white, so long as there are no patterns or logos. Of course, I'm finding nearly nothing in those colours at the moment (though I'm not looking too hard for anything white - not for Chickie!). Navy trackpants seem to be the only things I can find without patterns/stripes or a logo. I have found a very nice navy jacket/anorak (which he wore to childcare yesterday and promptly got very dirty - I was not amused!).

07 July, 2007

Simpsons avatar

Thanks to robin for this one. This would be me if I were on the Simpsons.
I will admit to being a bit lenient on the waist size. Go make your own here.

06 July, 2007

I'm an idiot

Ok, I think I've used that title before...

So anyway, we trooped up to Chickie's school this morning for his final orientation visit... and... it was yesterday! We've branded ourselves as hopeless parents before he even starts school officially.

The teacher was still happy to have him stay until after recess so he's there right now, but jeez, I'm such an idiot! It had the correct date on the letter from the school but both J and I didn't see it properly - we both thought they were all Friday visits. Oh well... guess they won't expect too much of us now. Only way is up, and all that.

/shakes head.

I guess this also means I won't find out what was said last week. The curiosity is going to kill me!

Edited to add:

We've just picked him up and the teacher said she nearly made the same mistake as us. She was expecting the kids today and if it wasn't for a comment from the principal earlier this week that they were coming Thursday, she wouldn't have been ready! Phew!

She said Chickie will probably do really well at school. His colouring in is really good (apparently he's excellent at keeping inside the lines) and his writing is also very good. He's already making friends (one of the other kids has 'taken him under his wing') and as we were leaving several of the other kids called out to say goodbye to him. He said he had a good time, so it bodes well for July 23rd (his first proper day of school!).

The teacher did mention, in passing, that last week wasn't the best but didn't elaborate so I've no idea what actually happened. Oh well.