23 September, 2008


Ok, your 'boring week' vibes have obviously helped. Thanks!

It didn't start out so well, but the majority was relatively quiet and peaceful. I started off by banging my car door on the side of the car parked next to me - there was a huge gust of wind as I opened the door and it ripped the handle out of my fingers. I felt so bad about it but they haven't called (I left my number) so perhaps it wasn't too bad.

The major 'highlights' for the rest of the week included lots of hayfever (bad this year, probably because it's been so windy) and Chickie drawing a picture, of the two of us, with a broken heart between us. He wasn't very happy that day. He rarely eats his sandwich at school and J and I have said he can have a snack after school - as long as his lunch has been eaten first (either at school or at home afterwards). He didn't want it that day so chucked a small tanty when I wouldn't give in.

I can handle that though - and he apologised later and said he shouldn't have drawn it. Then he drew a picture of us with a couple of unbroken hearts in between us. That's got pride of place here at my desk now!

12 September, 2008

What a week...

Ok, so last week Chickie chips his tooth - massive self-inflicted guilt trips over that.

I forget to ring my nephew on his birthday and then forget to call dad on father's day. I suck at being a daughter and an aunt.

Early this week he gets a virus. Fever and then starts complaining of a sore neck and sore eyes. Massive (internal) freak outs because you're always told to watch out for symptoms like that. 24 hour health line advises us of what to look out for and to take Chickie to the doctor's in the morning. Doctor says it's a virus and that he should be fine but tells us what to watch out for if it gets worse. Massive amounts of relief after that!

Today J's sister called. She's pregnant and had the 1 hour test for gestational diabetes this week. Unfortunately it came back high (8.5 for those in the know) - so massive reassurances over the phone for her. She's terrified of needles and the only person she knows who's had GD was me - who had to have insulin injections twice a day. She'll be fine I'm sure, but she'll need some emotional support to get there, I think. She goes in for the 2 hour test this week. Please send vibes that if she definitely does have GD, that it's mild and she can control it with diet and exercise.

And now, Chickie and I are just back from the Dentist's. The dentist said we could just even it up if the chip was smaller, but we'd lose about 2mm in size and it would be quite noticeable. So, a filling of sorts was added. Chickie was afraid they'd give him robot teeth (amalgam fillings) but the dentist reassured him it would be the same colour as his teeth. Chickie didn't do too badly - didn't really want to open his mouth most of the time and then trying to talk through it the rest of the time (I'm sure this kid could talk underwater sometimes). He looked a bit shaky at the end, but then he's never had more than just a normal checkup before, so I expected it. I'm just glad he didn't need to have a needle to numb anything. I have no idea how he'd react to that.

Next week, will be calm, peaceful and dare I say it - boring. It will, I tell you! (If it knows what's good for it...)

03 September, 2008

Accidents happen...

but geez, I wish they'd leave poor Chickie's teeth alone!

When he was little and just learning to walk, he lost his balance a little and banged his chin on a chair. We think this was the cause of one of his baby teeth turning grey. The dentist said he might lose it if the tooth had been too traumatised, but we were lucky and it went back to mainly whitish and it stuck around. This was one of the two big top front teeth.

Later just before losing his other big tooth at the front, he managed to chip it. Not badly and we weren't too concerned as it was loose anyway.

Now, he has his two top front adult teeth and yesterday managed to chip one. I feel terrible about it as I couldn't catch him in time to stop it.

I took him to the small playground a block from our house and he started playing on the flying fox there. He loved that thing, so it was always the first thing he'd head for. This time was no different. Unfortunately on one go he fell or let go and went head first into the metal step on one end. There was a little bit of blood as he'd also hit his lip and there it was - the adult tooth chipped.

I've been mentally beating myself up about it because I just wasn't able to catch him in time. Hopefully the dentist will be able to cap it or something so I can assuage myself of this awful guilt!