13 March, 2008


I don't think Chickie quite understands it yet...

The scene:

Chickie had finished his dinner - including all his veges, so that meant he could have a little 'something special' (we don't really do desserts in this house).

Chickie: Can I have a Tim Tam and two pieces of chocolate?

Me: How about a Tim Tam and just one piece of chocolate?

Chickie (in his best bargaining voice): How about just a Tim Tam?

Me (in a voice full of feigned reluctance): Oh alright then.

In the end he didn't even eat all the Tim Tam (sacrilege!), so I had the other half. Yum!

04 March, 2008


Why do they call it a 'near-miss'? 'Near-hit' doesn't have quite the same ring to it but that's really what they are.

My little incident yesterday was definitely a miss... thank goodness!

It was nothing big but it left me a bit shaken up. I was driving home from work and a lady, coming the other way, quickly darted into the drive-way of a car park to my left (right in front of me). Only thing was, she didn't just pull into the car park, she was actually doing a u-turn. And she didn't bother looking when she pulled out onto the road again.

It's a good thing I had new tyres put on my car a few months ago. With my old tyres, my car would have been all crumpled on the front left hand side. It's also a good thing that the speed limit was 50km and I was slowing down already as I was coming up to an intersection.

Seriously, what idiot does a u-turn in front of traffic and then doesn't check to ensure said traffic isn't using the exact piece of road you're wanting to drive on?