24 December, 2008

It's almost here...

I swear the pre-Christmas period gets crazier and crazier! I feel like I've been going flat out, but I don't think I've been doing very much.

The last week and a half I've had annual leave and basically I've been spending the time with Chickie and trying to get my Christmas shopping done. I finally got the shopping done, but I have a sinking feeling I didn't post things away in time. I'm not game to inquire with my family just in case they didn't make it in time. I'll just sit here, cross my fingers and hope like crazy they made it!

Christmas, for us this year, will be relatively quiet - J's family for lunch. Boxing day we're going for a picnic in the Botanical Gardens and then the day after we'll visit J's Grandmother. Next year I'll have to be more organised as we're most likely going to spend Christmas with my Mum and Dad (3 states away!). I hope I can manage it hehehe.

Well, at the moment all is sorted and Chickie is in bed awaiting a visit from a certain jolly fat fellow. Oh and by awaiting, I mean he's laying in bed staring out the window into the sky. I can't seem to convince him that the quicker he falls asleep, the quicker Santa (and Christmas day) will be here. I'd guess this is happening all over though!

I hope you and yours have a very happy Christmas and holiday season. May 2009 bring all the joy and happiness you could wish for.

04 December, 2008

I'm an aunty again!!

I just got a phone call - J's sister (A) has had her little baby girl!

Apparently A was swearing enough to make a trooper blush but mum and baby (P) are just fine.

Stats from J's dad are:

Weight: 7 pounds, 12 ounces
Length: 50 cm
Head circumference: 35 cm

I wonder why we still give out birth weight in imperial but go metric for the other measurements? The doctors and nurses normally give out weight in metric but every time I've heard people ask for details, they give out (and ask for) weight in pounds etc.

Oh and as for details regarding the last post...

Yes, J's mum is still talking to us (we're supposed to go out to dinner tonight - will have to see how that goes now), no we didn't have enough to share (normally we make just enough for us without leftovers) but J's mum refused all offers of anything. She also told me how she did a very similar thing to her own mum years ago so had a good laugh about it!