29 July, 2008

Minor freakout

Ok, I'm having a minor freakout about what to wear on our trip to New Zealand. I know people have been saying thermals are the go, but I'm not certain what to wear on top of the thermals!

I don't consider it to be cold where I live. It doesn't snow in my area (well ok, perhaps a teensy bit on top of the local mountain) and yesterday we had the coldest morning in over 20 years (0.7 degrees C or 33 F). It was a little chilly but nothing a nice jacket couldn't handle. Our maximum, during the day lately, seems to be be around the 14-15 degree mark (57-59 F). What all this means is I live in jeans and essentially a long sleeve t-shirt (no singlets or undershirts etc) with a jacket. I don't really have any fleecy type clothing and not a great deal of my clothes are really suitable to wear with thermals - I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to wear thermals under my jeans (there's not a lot of excess space in them at the moment).

I have snow/ski pants from J's dad and a couple of proper snow jackets from J's sister (lucky we're approximately the same size), but what about every day wear? If I'm sight seeing around the place, I presume I don't want to wear snow pants. Are jeans enough if I buy a larger pair and team them with thermals? Should there be some other types of pants I should look into? If I look around for some fleecy type tops to wear over the thermals and under the jacket, will that be enough?

Any suggestions? Any websites with clothing that you like? I doubt I'll be able to order online but if I can get an idea of the types of things needed, I can go shopping (/rubs hands in glee!)

17 days to go!!

27 July, 2008

Umm hi

Sorry... I am here - just being very boring really.

Work's flat out. We have a new note system that has my team duplicating our notes, but handy to everyone else (well, it will be eventually - when we learn how to use it properly - I hope!). I'd love to tell you about some of our funnier customers but work does frown on that sort of thing. I will say that it does give us a bit of a chuckle when our customers tell us they can't figure out whether to use the 'ethanol' or the 'ubs' cable for their 'dls' modem.

Karate's moving on, though I haven't done much the last two weeks as my ankle has been playing up (I twisted it years ago and it gets a bit sore every now and then). I did get some of the group's dvds to try to practice with (I cannot get the hang of the kata and I need to if I want to ever get my yellow belt). I just did an hour's practice now and all I've learned is how truly uncoordinated I am. (Insert big sigh here...)

Our New Zealand trip is only a couple of weeks away (omg! How did that sneak up so quickly?). I think we're all organised. I hope we're all organised. Anyone got any last minute advice for someone who's barely seen it snow before?

I really need to catch up with everyone's blogs. My bloglines has a million unread posts. Plenty of saved ones too, so one of these days I'll come comment on those. Don't be surprised if you see some comments from a post you made weeks ago.... eventually!

Um... really there's not a lot happening here lately. Told you I was boring. At least the holiday soon will mean I'll have something to talk about.