21 May, 2009

More Chickie-isms

Driving home from getting Chickie's hair cut (finally! He didn't want it cut before as he wanted Anakin hair), we were listening to the radio. We heard a snippet of an interview the breakky crew did with Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister) where he was talking about Twitter.

Chickie was asking what they were talking about and I explained how some politicians liked to use Twitter and our Prime Minister was one of them. Chickie made a surprised noise and said...

"Wait... you're telling me our Prime Minister is a politician???"

Thanks for your kind comments about our break-in too. We have the insurance almost sorted and should have a new TV and the games replaced soon. We also now have a (very very loud) alarm system in the house. I'm concerned about Chickie a little though. He's having nightmares a bit and is resisting going to bed - often not going to sleep until several hours after he's put to bed (which I'm sure doesn't help with the nightmares). Anyone have any suggestions for relieving some of the anxiety about it all?