25 January, 2006

Oh for goodness sakes...

Aussies watching the Australia day concert on the telly will get this...


20 January, 2006


I just heard a dumb quote on the tv a moment ago...

I was watching one of those maternity/birth type shows and the woman in question is there in labour when the doc says to the camera "I try to get the mom's involved in the delivery"

Umm huh? Isn't she kinda already involved???

19 January, 2006

Happy day!

I'm so thrilled! I stood on the scales this morning and I'd finally broken the 80kgs barrier. 79.9 but still, my weight hasn't been in the 70's for a while.

I was getting quite disheartened the last month or so. I'd managed to lose 5kgs but then the scales seemed to get stuck - no matter what I did. Then I figured with Christmas and New Years I'd probably put on a kg or so. They stayed pretty steady though, so I was pleased - and now finally under 80kgs!

I had a mental 'goal' a few months back of being under 80kgs by my birthday, so I almost made it. Now lets see - what would be a good goal to work towards now? How about 75kgs by Chickie's birthday (early June)??

18 January, 2006

It's official

I'm forty.

Yep, it was my birthday yesterday and people are asking me how it feels. To be honest, it doesn't feel any different to 39 and 364 days.

I had a nice day though. Slept in, shopped (bought myself a new bag and an exercise bike of my own - I've previously been hiring one) and then saw a movie (Nanny McPhee - liked it!). Then my fave dinner and *shock horror* dessert (a slice of Viennetta - mmmmmm....). All in all a very relaxing day.

Chickie wanted to have a party. Apparently it was just us three and the food would consist of vegemite, grapes and carrots. Um... interesting party there kid!

13 January, 2006

a proud mother

I'm so proud of Chickie. He wrote his first recognisable letter today - the letter F.

He's actually recognising quite a lot of letters and will point them out when I read him stories, but this was the first time he's ever written a letter. He hasn't really shown much interest in writing so far so I was a bit surprised.

What a clever 3.5 year old I have :)

11 January, 2006

But I never got to...

I'll be 40 in less than a week and I've been thinking about those lists that some people have - you know, the ones where people list the things they want to do before X age?

I've been thinking about this, not just because I have a 'big' birthday coming up, but because a friend's mother has been told she has breast cancer and isn't really showing much interest in treatment. It sounds like she assumes she's going to die.

It got me thinking to similar situations. What would I do if I was told I *was* going to die? Would I say "but I never got to.." for very many things? At the moment I can't think of many things I could say that for. Some of the things I'd say would be:

But I never got to see Chickie grow up
But I never got to grow old with J
But I never got to meet my internet friend in America

I can't really think of anything else. There's always little stuff, I guess, but nothing that really really matters... I suppose that means I either live life to the fullest or have very low goals *grin*

Hmmm... I might go see how much it costs for a flight to America ;)

08 January, 2006

Thank heavens for nice in-laws

Went to dinner with some friends last night and you will not believe what one was given for Christmas from her in-laws....

L'Oreal Stretch Mark Cream

Yes, that's right stretch mark cream. We all had the same reaction when she told us (jaw dropping to the ground).

I mean, I got moisturising cream for Christmas too, but there's a huge difference between yummy vanilla shower gel and body lotion (like I got) and STRETCH MARK cream - even if it is from L'Oreal.

Thank heavens J's family are all really lovely.

06 January, 2006

My cats are stalking me!

I have two cats and they cannot bear to be in a different room to me.

If I go to the bathroom - they have to be there. If I dare to shut the door then they put their paw under the door and shake it (it's easier to just leave it open). If I'm at the computer, they'll jump on the desk and try to lay on my arms. If I'm on the exercise bike, I have to move them so they won't get hit by the pedals. If I'm in bed they're laying next to (or more usually on) me.

Sometimes it's funny watching them follow me around, but today I have the day off work, J's at work and Chickie's at childcare and I just want to be left alone for a few minutes!!

I'm feeling just a little suffocated today - can you tell??

03 January, 2006

It's a new year :)

Well, it's the 3rd of January and a new year. I didn't bother updating about my new year's eve celebrations because mine were pretty quiet.

J went out to visit friends and I stayed home with Chickie. Chickie would have been absolutely fine at our friend's place (he's able to stay up late no problem) but he's at the stage where he's giving up his day sleep and he was very tired. Plus one of J's friends has only just come back from a stint in the middle east (he's in the RAAF) so they had lots to catch up on.

Since I didn't get to party, I went to see a movie later that afternoon. I didn't go see Narnia since I'd like to see it with J, instead I went to see Just like Heaven. It's a nice little chick flick (so J wouldn't be interested anyway) and I'm a sucker for this sort of movie. Mark Ruffalo (or however you spell it) and Reece Witherspoon do a good job and while I don't think it will win any oscars, I liked it.