25 April, 2008

As a mother, I never expected I'd have to say...

"When you take all your clothes off so you can jump on the trampoline naked*, please bring them inside with you".

* Yes, Chickie likes to jump on the trampoline naked**
** No, I've no idea why***
***Thank goodness for high fences

20 April, 2008

What I ended up wearing...

Well, the weather was cool - so I wore the black pants and red top to the wedding. Had a couple of people say they were glad I did, so they weren't the only ones in pants! A bit of a shame I didn't get to wear my new dress, but I'm sure there will be lots of occasions I can wear it (and if there isn't, I'll make something up). Thanks for all your advice.

The wedding itself was lovely. The bride was beautiful (aren't they always?), the people waiting got a laugh when the groomsmen comically pushed the groom into the church, the reception was lovely (I should post the pictures J took of the food - heavenly!) and it was great to see everyone.

A few oddities though - the priest started the wedding ceremony with a history of that particular church. It was a nice little story, but something that didn't seem connected to the actual ceremony, as far as I could tell. We also got to hear the church's stance on what constitutes a marriage (yep, no problem with that) and also their views on breakups and divorce (err... at a wedding?? A related subject yes, but statistics on how many marriages fail is a bit of a grim thing to ponder during the actual ceremony!).

On a different subject, Chickie recently expressed an interest in learning karate. I'm very happy to encourage him to get into after school activities, so all three of us now go to a karate class on Monday evenings. We had our first class last week and Chickie seemed to really enjoy it. As we were getting out of the car afterwards, he gave us a bit of a laugh. He ran to the front door ahead of us, got into one of the punching stances and said 'Don't worry mum, I'll protect you'.

And a last giggle for you...

Overheard in the supermarket yesterday:

Husband: (picking up a packet of chocolate biscuits) This is for our Biggest Loser 'push'.
Wife: What??
Husband: Well, how can we lose weight, unless we put it on first?

06 April, 2008


... I really hate shopping.

J and I have a friend's wedding to attend next weekend. I don't have a lot to wear to it. I have a quite nice new red dress I could wear (is it ok to wear red to a wedding these days? It is rather bright). That will be ok if it's warm. Even if it's slightly coolish, I can wear a scarf/wrap type of thing around my shoulders/arms.

If it's cold, however, I'll be a bit stuck! J, Chickie and I went to have a look around the shops and I couldn't find anything I really liked. The stuff I found was either too casual, too 'old' (grandma type stuff) or some very nice dresses - but no warmer than my new dress.

I do have an outfit consisting of a pair of black pants and a nice top that I could wear if it's cool (again, the top is red!). It's not really wedding type dressy (even though the wedding isn't officially formal or anything). It would do, however.

Wearing red to a wedding though - ok, or not?

01 April, 2008

Thump thump thump...

Who is this elephant that's living in our house? And what happened to my little boy?

Chickie appears to be physically incapable of walking, stepping quietly, sitting properly and well, being quiet for more than a moment lately. These days he galumphs* around the house like an elephant. stomping instead of walking, running most of the time and rather than place his posterior into a chair like a normal person, he almost launches himself into it.

All rather strange when his teacher commented on how quiet and well-behaved he is at school. On second thoughts - that's probably why we have an elephant at home!


In other news, I'm updating my template shortly. I was going to fiddle around with doing a picture like I had before, but for now I'm just going to use a free template (cos, I'm lazy like that). I'm going to go through my links and tidy them up so if any one links to me, but I haven't included you, please comment and let me know.

* I saw the word used on Frogdancer's blog and it immediately made me think of Chickie!