19 July, 2011

The things you see...

I went grocery shopping today.

I'm still annoyed about actually doing the shopping to be honest. You see, I discovered the joys of online shopping back in February this year. It was great to be able to log on, click a bunch of things and have them delivered to my door a day or so later. I didn't get everything online - I preferred picking out my fruit and veg personally, and some things were never on special online (Coke Zero for example). All in all though, I was very satisfied.

Then they changed the available delivery time slots. The supermarket, I was going through, had a range of delivery slots costing between $13 and $5. I'm no longer working so I'm enthusiastically embracing the inner cheapskate (whilst trying to placate my inner lazy sod), therefore I always chose the $5 slot. Suited me beautifully - until the supermarket removed that time slot. They still had a couple of $5 slots but both clashed with school pickup or dropoffs. Colour me very disappointed.

I looked into a competitor but they didn't have any cheapie delivery slots either. They did have an option to choose your groceries online and then you pick it up. My inner cheapskate cheered! Unfortunately, it turned out the closest place that did this was really too far to make it worthwhile (at about this point my inner lazy sod cheered - well all right, she would have if she had the energy for it).

What it left me with though, was a return to the weekly trudge to the supermarket. And what I saw today...

Wild Krill Oil.

Wild Krill Oil.

It got me to thinking - is there such a thing as Tame Krill Oil and if so, how the heck do you tame krill?