09 December, 2007

Day three

Yes, it's already day three into my holidays and I'm exhausted.

First day was spent being very very lazy.

I did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Well ok, I tidied up a little bit (aka: toss Chickie's toys into his room and shut the door, to be dealt with later) and a few loads of washing (well I needed clothes for day two, you see...). Oh and I did play a bit of World of Warcraft.

Day two saw J, Chickie and I at the shops. Specifically the toy shops. On a Saturday. A few weeks before Christmas.

Were we mad???

Ok, so we were scouting out for ideas for Chickie and for my niece and nephews. Didn't really need to bother with Chickie though. All he wants is Star Wars stuff. Star Wars Lego specifically. I'm just glad we didn't have to go through any checkouts and that it only took us one and a half goes around the car park to get a spot. I'll go back during the week when (hopefully!) things will be slightly quieter. If I go this week, at least school is still happening so that's going to make things easier.

Then today, day three, saw us dealing with Chickie's room. Chickie comes from a long line of hoarders and for a long time wouldn't even let us throw out the boxes of some of his toys from last Christmas. His room was a mess. J was quite ruthless with the old toys though. Anything broken got tossed, anything no longer played with is in a plastic tub (with the view of seeing if a friend with a 1 year old wants any of it), and his room is a lot more spacious. On the other hand our lounge room is a bit of a mess. I moved all Chickie's old clothes out there to be sorted through. I'll keep a couple of sentimental pieces but the rest will be given to charity (if I can find somewhere with a charity bin that's not already overflowing). That will be my job tomorrow.

That, along with shopping, cleaning (my parents arrive this week), more washing, posting presents and relaxing (ah well, perhaps later).


The Phosgene Kid said...

I do my shopping on the Internet. The stores are too nuts this time of year for my taste.

Melinda said...

I'm thinking of posting 12 Pains of Christmas on my blog! We're so not into the spirit this year. Shopping, ugh. Legos, ugh. Why do they always seem to have a laser-beam connection to the tender bit of your foot? Especially at three a.m.?

I think you'll have plenty of time to relax.... you with your entire month off.... huff!

The Phosgene Kid said...

When I was kid all I needed were some matches, a can of lighter fluid, and a bag of plastic army men and I was occupied for hours.

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meggie said...

It is such a busy time. Why do we do it to ourselves??
Good luck with it all.

The Phosgene Kid said...

All right Ying Yang research spam!! I think Yang should be looking into that lead paint thing...