29 July, 2008

Minor freakout

Ok, I'm having a minor freakout about what to wear on our trip to New Zealand. I know people have been saying thermals are the go, but I'm not certain what to wear on top of the thermals!

I don't consider it to be cold where I live. It doesn't snow in my area (well ok, perhaps a teensy bit on top of the local mountain) and yesterday we had the coldest morning in over 20 years (0.7 degrees C or 33 F). It was a little chilly but nothing a nice jacket couldn't handle. Our maximum, during the day lately, seems to be be around the 14-15 degree mark (57-59 F). What all this means is I live in jeans and essentially a long sleeve t-shirt (no singlets or undershirts etc) with a jacket. I don't really have any fleecy type clothing and not a great deal of my clothes are really suitable to wear with thermals - I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to wear thermals under my jeans (there's not a lot of excess space in them at the moment).

I have snow/ski pants from J's dad and a couple of proper snow jackets from J's sister (lucky we're approximately the same size), but what about every day wear? If I'm sight seeing around the place, I presume I don't want to wear snow pants. Are jeans enough if I buy a larger pair and team them with thermals? Should there be some other types of pants I should look into? If I look around for some fleecy type tops to wear over the thermals and under the jacket, will that be enough?

Any suggestions? Any websites with clothing that you like? I doubt I'll be able to order online but if I can get an idea of the types of things needed, I can go shopping (/rubs hands in glee!)

17 days to go!!


Steve said...

Donna and I went to NZ in May two years ago and mainly wore the thermals to sleep in (we were in a motorhome) and if we were spending a bit of time outside on a particularly cold day. Our cruise on Milford Sound is a good example.

I guess it's a case of, suck it and see. You'll know if you need the thermals or not when you get up each morning. You probably don't feel the cold as much as we QLDers do, but I didn't wear thermals at all while we were in Europe this northern winter.

Just remember, you can buy extra clothes over there if you need to.

rhubarbwhine said...

So glad to see you back. I thought you had been eaten by the Internet ;)

h&b said...

I didn't wear them when I went to NZ - but that was so many years ago, I can't remember if I froze ?

Kathmandu is good for all things rugged and outdoorsy. But I believe you can get them at Myer too. Don't own any myself sorry !

Stomper Girl said...

I wear tights under my jeans on cold days with warm socks. I reckon there's a lot to be said for the warmth of wool too if you'd prefer woollen jumpers to fleece.

Zazzy said...

You sound like me. 0°C is not cold - I might wear polar fleece but you're not likely to get me into an actual winter coat until it's a lot colder. I don't know NZ but I'd think layers would be the way to go. Thermal, maybe a light sweatshirt and a polar or heavy sweatshirt on top that you can mix or match to your comfort level.

Have a really fun trip!

Simon said...

Depends on where in NZ you're going. The temperatures (here in Auckland) recently have been much the same as yours but it may be rather more windy than where you are.

Jeans on the bottom and a polo shirt with a jumper or sweatshirt or fleecy top are common for me, with a T-shirt added underneath if it's really chilly/windy. And I feel the cold!

If you are going to the South Island or the ski fields or anywhere like that then it's a LOT chillier!

Fortunately, The Warehouse, a local cheap chain store keeps a good range of sweatshirts and the like at cheap prices.

Hopefully, by the time you get here, it will have warmed up a fraction.

meggie said...

Go for polar fleece tops, or pure wool, if you can wear it. Layering is the best way to go. The South Island is much more cold generally than the North, but of course it depends where you are.
A good jacket is invaluable. Tights or thermals under jeans in the South.
When I was thin, I almst froze to death in Southern 5 degree days!

Melinda said...

We live in the semi-tropics, and on another continent at that, so I obviously have no advice. Stomper's idea about the tights sounds good. Less bulky too.

twolimeleaves said...

Good advice from everyone else, so I haven't got much to add. Thermals are great, so is merino wool because it's light and not bulky. You really need LAYERS in NZ. You'll be taking off anf putting on constantly!

scolly said...

I usually find that warming up the top half is more important - wear thermals with some other layers on top. Ice Breakers (wool) are great but pretty expensive. Fleece over the top and a good waterproof jacket. Do you have Rays Outdoors in SA? You can get some reasonably priced fleece and thermals there. But, if you want to get the really good stuff I'd recommend Mountain Designs. Oh, and don't forget a nice warm hat to keep the heat in too! Have fun!

The Phosgene Kid said...

How about a coat, gloves, stocking cap and boots? Might want to leave the bikini at home.

muser said...

I found my leather jacket and jeans to be adequate but I was in NZ in November which would be much warmer time of year.

Enjoy! And before you go on holidays, here's a mememe for you to do. I tagged you. ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Find a cozy spot in front of the window with a nice martini and admire the snow in a T-shirt and shorts. Problem solved.