06 November, 2008


I am so angry right now.

On my way to work today, I heard that Chickie's school has had a fire in a storage shed. The police suspect arson. This is the second fire in less than a month. A few weeks ago their art room and adjoining classrooms were destroyed.

The fire a few weeks ago caused so much heartache for the staff and teachers. There were irreplaceable personal items lost, as well as a heap of school equipment. Then there's the loss of the rooms themselves. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage - and Chickie's teacher says they don't know if they can use the buildings again. Last I heard they'd probably have to be demolished.

Now another building - this time a storage shed. I've no idea what's in it but I can't imagine there'd be too many empty storage sheds around. They'll have lost stuff I'm sure.

Now Chickie's school is not a big one. In fact enrollments are shrinking in this particular school. It's just a local junior primary/primary school, tucked into a well established family area. It's not rich but it's a lovely school. With the exception of stupid vandals who think it's funny to break windows, spray paint on the buildings and smash glass on the oval (what a mean thing that is to do to a school - the kids couldn't use it for ages), it's well cared for and the school itself has a lovely community feel.

Why do people do this?


Kim Black said...

Arsonists are sick. They have a sick need to see fire destroy a building and its contents. No matter what size your community or city, you should have a fire marshall, a fire chief, a fire inspector. If you do not, find out who will be responsible for the investigation process and what the outcome will be. If yare unable to get what you need from them, find someone in your community - the mayor, the county representative who will help you find out what you need to know and stop your school from being assaulted by this arsonist.

peppermintpatcher said...

They didn't have parents who loved them enough to know where they were at night.

I hope the damage wasn't too bad.

Melinda said...

What Tracey said. Those who have not been raised to respect others, their property and to understand the value of such things.

rhubarbwhine said...

Because they are sick, not disciplined and society is too lenient.

My 5c worth :(

The Phosgene Kid said...

ignorance, depravity, lots of reasons. Hope the catch the buggers.

dogbait said...

I've just come back from a dirt poor nation where schools can be under a tree and these people would never think to destroy their own environment.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh how awful. I find it hard to feel sympathy in the face of wilful and malicious damage even though I'm sure Tracey is right.

Carmi said...

My heart broke as I read this. A school near us suffered tremendous damage in a similar attack two years ago. The building was trashed, and irreplaceable work by the children was lost forever. It took most of the next school year - and God only knows how much money - for the school to get back on its feet. Even then, it simply wasn't the same.

And the perpetrators? Youth offenders. So they got off with a slap on the wrist. Maybe I'm a little harsh in my assessment, but if these punks actually had to cover the damage they caused, maybe future arsonists would think twice about pulling the same thing.

Seems we've lost our ability to attach consequences to actions in our modern society. And that pretty much dooms us to more situations just like this.

meggie said...

O how sad. The children take it all so personally too, when something bad happens to their school. Hope it is restored.