09 April, 2009

Crisis averted

Well ok, I'm being dramatic - but I'm relieved.

Chickie's in first grade at school, in a grade 1/2 combined class. He's supposed to have one teacher on Mondays - Miss S, and then Mrs D teaches the rest of the week. Well, since school started in January, he's had Miss S a total of once. Every other Monday has been a substitute - and usually a different one each week. It's not really Miss S' fault though - she's also the Junior Primary Principal so she's very busy with that.

The last few weeks though, I've been wondering how the heck he can get any consistency with an arrangement like that. I've no real idea how it's impacting the class to have someone different every Monday (if you ask Chickie what he does at school, it's either 'craft day' or they sat at their desks and stared at each other for several hours lol!)

I've talked to another parent (she and her son do karate with us too) and she's been quite concerned about the effect on her son - she says he gets very naughty on Monday afternoons. I haven't noticed that with Chickie specifically, but since this parent often volunteers in the classroom, I'm inclined to think her concern is valid.

I was getting to the stage where I thought it was time to talk to Mrs D or someone! - but today Chickie came home with a note saying that Miss S would be replaced by Mrs P, from next term. I'm glad. Nothing against Miss S of course, it's just that I can't see how effective it can be to have a team teaching arrangement with one member being different every week!

Oh and in other good news - I won third prize in the easter raffle at work yesterday. The box of chocolate is huge!!


Melinda said...

If you want to share....?

That arrangement would drive my child bonkers. He is a routine kind of guy!

My float said...

Mine loves routine too. He wouldn't cope with that arrangement - so it seems like your Chickie is doing well given you don't notice any difference in behaviour. Mine would be climbing the walls!!

Anonymous said...

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