16 August, 2009

Greetings from New Zealand... again!

Yes, we're back in New Zealand. J and I loved it so much last year, we wanted to come back and this time bring the family. So, this year it's Chickie, J and I, as well as J's mum (M) and dad (P).

We arrived a few days ago - into Christchurch like last year. This time though, we've hired a car and we took a leisurely drive to Aoraki Mt Cook. Our hotel room there had a balcony that looked out onto the mountains and waking up to the view of the snow topped mountains, with a bit of low cloud, crowned by a sliver of a crescent moon was just awe-inspiring.

Today we drove to Queenstown. P is a keen skier so will be off to the slopes (probably Coronet Peaks) early in the morning. J wants to do a bit of skiing - and wants Chickie to give it a try (not sure when though). M isn't really into skiing and as for me... well I found out the knee problems I've been having are damage to my cartlege and my physio says I should skip the skiing for now. We're working on getting back into karate safely - hopefully to get my orange belt in September or October. I'm disappointed I won't get to ski this time, but at least my focus this year has always been more sightseeing and relaxing. I'm really hoping that this trip I'll get to see a glacier (would love to do one of the glacier landing tours too). Provided all goes well, that will be my expensive 'thing' this trip.

Unfortunately the trip has had it's downside already. Chickie has been full of beans so far and climbing on everything he's allowed. Yesterday it was a wet rock and (I think you might know where this might be heading...) he slipped. He ended up cutting his lips (top and bottom) and unbelieveably - he chipped that same damn tooth that he chipped last year.

My heart just sunk when he finally stopped crying enough to show me his mouth. A chunk missing from the bottom of his front (adult) tooth. I'm hoping like crazy that he's just lost the cap that fixed up the last mishap - but, for the life of me, I can't recall which corner of the tooth was chipped last time. If I'm honest with myself, I've got a horrible feeling that it's not the same corner. We haven't been able to check with a dentist yet at all - I'm hoping we can talk to one tomorrow. Heaven knows how much it will cost - I hope the travel insurance covers some of it.

Chickie himself seems fine though. He's not in any pain and aside from the chunk missing, the tooth looks like it always has. Amazingly he was wanting to climb stuff again today - this was quietly discouraged...


Melinda said...

Oh bad luck about the tooth! That's the kind of clumsy stuff that goes on around here. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. You know, aside from the blood and chipped tooth. :-)

Anonymous said...

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