08 September, 2009

Smile restored

Chickie's chipped tooth has been repaired but the dentist has decided to send him off to the orthodontist early. Since he's chipped that same tooth twice now (and being a kid there's a high chance he'll fall over again at some stage in his life...), the dentist thinks it might be beneficial to start evening out his teeth a bit sooner than they usually do.

Particularly since Chickie has expressed a desire to learn to play basketball. On hearing this, the dentist (unsurprisingly) suggested a mouthguard.

Chickie looks like he's probably going to have the height for basketball. I've stood him next to some 9 year olds and he's about the same height. So, now I'm looking around for a place/team for him to learn. He's completely lost interest in karate though J and I still go. J will probably go for his orange belt in the next few weeks. Due to my knee problems, the physio suggests I wait until October to try for my orange belt. I will have to admit I'm a bit frustrated by this knee. I want to get in there and really push myself. I want to do more than one session a week. Not to mention I need to lose some of this weight I've put back on (*sigh*). Ahh patience... perhaps one day I'll be familiar with the concept.

Oh and I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't bother to unpack the suitcase whilst on holidays. For a while there I was thinking I must be the laziest person ever.


Bob Fenton said...

Just a question. Do not publish.

Have you stopped blogging?

Bob Fenton

Anonymous said...
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Anthony Maples said...

Children these days can easily lose interest from one activity to another. Let's just hope that his teeth stays in good shape even if he plays basketball.

Growing children can be involved in a lot of activities, my son also chipped his tooth while playing football with friends. I took him to a (Hixson) dentist to have it fixed. Since it was a minor problem, the doctor was able to resolve it right away. We usually visit the (Hixson) dentists for routine check up and other dental procedures.

I think it would help to maintain a regular dental check up to be in track of the dental status of your child.