26 March, 2011

Almost forgotten how this stuff works!

It's been so long that navigating around Blogger's settings requires a bit of thinking, but I do believe I'm getting there.

I've gone through my links and deleted those that are gone or blogs that have been made private. There are a lot of bloggers that have just stopped (like I did), but since they're still up, I'll leave them in my list for now.

If you'd like to be linked, feel free to let me know. If you know a blog that I absolutely *have* to read, then also let me know!

I'm hoping to update a bit more regularly (well more than once or twice, every 18 months), and since I'm now a stay at home mum I should have time. Having a computer to do it on, is another thing... mine died last night! It was probably the shock of me blogging again, to be honest. Anyway, long story short - because it is a long story, trust me! - a Dell tech is coming out sometime next week to try to resurrect it. In the meantime I've commandeered Chickie's computer. His keyboard has a slight configuration difference though and, well put it this way - the backspace key is getting a good old workout (as is the key directly to the left of it, since I keep hitting that one by accident too!).


Melinda said...

Almost forgotten who you were! :-) Welcome back!

blogger listner said...

welcome back once again