02 February, 2006

20/20 vision

Yep, that's what I have now. I had an appointment with the docs yesterday and that's what they told me. It's such a nice thing to hear when you've worn glasses or contact lenses for about 30 years. I'm over the moon about having LASIK.

I've worn glasses since I was about 10 years old or so. I tried contact lenses for a while and the soft lenses were great. Unfortunately I developed an allergy to the soft lenses and could only wear the hard ones. What a pita they were! I could only wear them about 6 hours a day and they were never really comfortable. After Chickie was born I just gave up and wore my glasses.

When I was told I had diabetes last year, I was afraid I'd missed the boat and wouldn't be able to have the surgery done. Thankfully I was told it shouldn't be a problem so decided I'd get it done asap. I'm so glad I did.

On another happy note - my blog got mentioned on someone else's - http://kmaynards.blogspot.com/ - what a nice thing to do :)


KMaynard said...

Hi, it's me again, just clicking through your blog, to see what's happening in Australia.

Lasik - my husband wants to get it. Was there a lot of pain?

caramaena said...

Nope, no real pain to speak of. The first day it's done can be a little uncomfortable but they recommend you sleep as much as possible.

Before I went in, they gave me a valium or similar and then anaesthetic eye drops so you don't feel anything. I was uncomfortable with the speculum (I think that's what they're called) to hold your eyes open, since you really really want to blink and could smell a burning sort of smell, but that's it for the actual procedure. It only took about 15 mins tops, and my vision was already better as I walked out of the room (was very hazy though).

There was a bit of discomfort the first day, but next morning was fine! In fact when I saw the doc the next day, they said I was legally able to drive (but they recommend you don't for a few days) I didn't really need the painkillers they gave me (though I did take a half tablet the first day).

The things that most annoyed me were trying to not touch my eyes for several weeks (that's hard since I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes if they're feeling gritty) and not being able to wash my hair for the first three days (I wash it daily usually).

I had a bit of a problem with close vision for a couple of weeks and occasionally one eye would be blurry, then the other eye but now at about 3 months post op - all is fine. No problems with close vision, no blurriness and 20/20 vision. I should have done it years ago!