13 February, 2006

political views?

I read a few blogs when I get time. Mostly amusing ones like The Company Bitch but I've also gotten into others like Waiter Rant, Neenaw and A Year in the Life of a Police Dispatcher.

After hearing about the infamous danish cartoons, I also started reading a few blogs like And Far Away to see what was being said.

I'm conflicted about the whole cartoon thing and whether I want to put my thoughts about political items here. I think it could easily turn into a rant about a whole range of things, so perhaps not.

Other than this perhaps... I've seen the cartoons and I can see why some would cause people to be upset, however I can't see how this justifies the reaction and deaths.

Yeah, better stop there... perhaps I should just stick to Australian politics - there's enough stuff there to get irritated about (little Johnnie Howard and his lot, to start with)...

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