13 August, 2008

clothes purchasing freakout ebbing...

Ok, I think I'm nearly there. I believe I have the clothing situation sorted (via large amounts of shopping!). If needed I can dress in about 3 bazillion layers (ok, perhaps I'm exaggerating - make it 2 bazillion hehe).

I've tried stuff on and it should all be ok. I'm a little doubtful about the ski pants I have. They're borrowed from J's dad and they're a teensy bit snug around the tummy/hips area - I've put a kilo or two, back on, over the last few months (not enough exercise unfortunately - lazy will do that for you). J thinks I'll be fine and if I just can't stand it, apparently I'm able to hire that sort of thing there anyway.

Next freakout will be the packing. We're doing that tonight. I think we should be fine there though. So long as the backpack we borrowed from J's dad is ok as carry on (J's dad used it as carry on for his trip to Canada last year so I'm presuming it will be fine).

So that just leaves Thursday for last minute bits and pieces and an insanely early night to compensate for the plane leaving at 6am on Friday (arrrggh shoot me now!). Oh and there will be a post on Thursday since I owe a couple of people memes now too!

Actually I might be able to post while over in NZ too. J's bought himself a itty bitty laptop (a little Acer Aspire Netbook) and there's supposed to be wireless in the apartments where we're staying. So stay tuned peoples!


meggie said...

Wishing you lots of sunny skies, & some lovely times in Aoteoroa!!
I am sure you will love it, & be made welcone. Dont panic if you forget something, it is all available over there!

Steve said...

The laptop is a great idea for travelling. I never go away without mine and some hotels even have free wireless.

Take heaps of pics.

Frogdancer said...

Have a lovely time, you lucky thing! I've never been to New Zealand, but everyone says it's beautiful.