23 September, 2008


Ok, your 'boring week' vibes have obviously helped. Thanks!

It didn't start out so well, but the majority was relatively quiet and peaceful. I started off by banging my car door on the side of the car parked next to me - there was a huge gust of wind as I opened the door and it ripped the handle out of my fingers. I felt so bad about it but they haven't called (I left my number) so perhaps it wasn't too bad.

The major 'highlights' for the rest of the week included lots of hayfever (bad this year, probably because it's been so windy) and Chickie drawing a picture, of the two of us, with a broken heart between us. He wasn't very happy that day. He rarely eats his sandwich at school and J and I have said he can have a snack after school - as long as his lunch has been eaten first (either at school or at home afterwards). He didn't want it that day so chucked a small tanty when I wouldn't give in.

I can handle that though - and he apologised later and said he shouldn't have drawn it. Then he drew a picture of us with a couple of unbroken hearts in between us. That's got pride of place here at my desk now!


Melinda said...

The car door thing is something that would happen to me.

Tyrant. The kid union is going to be all over you now.

He's a sweetie.

meggie said...

I feel sorry for the lunch story. So many kids dont want to eat their lunches in front of others? I wonder what that is about- bullying? teasing?
So far SG eats his, & they are closely monitored, which is a good thing.

caramaena said...

To be honest Meggie, I think it's timing pure and simple. They changed lunch times so the kids have lunch at 10.30am. That's my lunch time as well - but I start work at 7am! I really don't blame him for not being hungry then and too busy wanting to play later.

I'd just like him to eat it when he comes home. It's such a waste if he comes home, is hungry and just goes for something else because he feels like a couple of biscuits or something. I figure if he's hungry, eat his sandwich and if he's still hungry he can have something else afterwards.

velcro said...

10.30? Wow that is so early.

I think the FB tends to wear most of his lunch rather than eat it. Must must find alternative to yogurt...

Stomper Girl said...

MIne's not eating his school sandwich because it cuts into his precious playing time too much. But he gets nothing after school unless the yoghurt and sandwich get eaten.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't move here - we have pollen and dust all year 'round.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Hello again from Dublin, Ireland.

It's good to catch up with your blog.

rhubarbwhine said...

Argh - I have missed your posts, bloglines is not updating you. Stupid bloglines.

I have hayfever right now, thanks to this wind. It also gives me a sinus headache. Achoo!