01 June, 2011

Chickie is 9!

Hard to believe my little baby is growing up. It's his 9th birthday today!

Bit of a coincidence but he woke up earlier this morning - at 12.45am exactly, which just so happens to be the moment he was actually born. He was quite tickled by the fact that he woke up at the exact moment. I thought it was funny that he woke up then as well.

I wasn't quite as happy that he then woke up at about 4am - ready to start the day. J and I sent him back to bed, only to be woken up again at 6.15am! We gave up and gave him his pressie. At least he had plenty of time to play with his new stuff before school. I suppose I can't be too surprised at his eagerness.


Stomper Girl said...

happy birthday to your lad. I think 9 is a wonderful age. (But then I think all the ages have been wonderful so far!)

Melinda said...

No way! My J.T. is TEN. WHAT?????

Happy Birthday Chickie