01 September, 2011


Have I seriously not updated this blog since July? Naughty me...

I've been setting up Bloglines again, to make it easier to catch up with my favourites. I had it set up years ago but it's quite different now. Does anyone use another setup to keep up with their blogs?

I'll update soon - have been busy with a trip to Queensland and then home again to get sick for two weeks (still not completely well). Plus it appears I generously shared my illness with Chickie and J. Oh the angst of trying to explain to a 9 year old, that having some Ventolin might help him a little.

I will update soon... I promise!


Zazzy said...

I just use Google Reader to pull the RSS feeds - which means I can keep any blog as well as other RSS feeds up to date for reading. They tell me that RSS is obsolete since "everyone" uses Twitter and Facebook but I don't like either of those for blog reading.

And Hi!

dogbait said...

FeedDemon is my preference and it syncs with Google Reader if you prefer to read elsewhere.

caramaena said...

Thanks guys - might have to check out Google Reader and FeedDemon.

I have both Facebook and Twitter, but I either have too many friends (for the games you know heheh) or I follow too many people, but I routinely miss heaps on both.

hamza ghafoor said...

if you stop working on your blog you will become victom of low visitorbloggerlistner