14 September, 2011

A peek at moi?

One of the things that brings people to my blog, seems to be a picture of David Tennant from the Roflrazzi site. This is the post I mean.

Well there's a new site for Doctor Who fans (that would be me!) - For the Whovians - and I'm loving it! I found this one a moment ago:

I can't link directly to the page unfortunately. Check out the site though, some quite funny captions there.

Another site I've found recently is Kondoot.com - a site that lets you broadcast your videos. It seems to be a little like Facebook and You Tube mixed in. Anyways... if you'd like to see what I look like, go here! The video is not great quality unfortunately - my webcam is just an el cheapo.


Mallory said...

I hope you start blogging again soon ... Your posts seem quite interesting and funny! ♥

caramaena said...

Hey Mallory - I did! Well, eventually. I really should be more diligent in posting.