19 January, 2006

Happy day!

I'm so thrilled! I stood on the scales this morning and I'd finally broken the 80kgs barrier. 79.9 but still, my weight hasn't been in the 70's for a while.

I was getting quite disheartened the last month or so. I'd managed to lose 5kgs but then the scales seemed to get stuck - no matter what I did. Then I figured with Christmas and New Years I'd probably put on a kg or so. They stayed pretty steady though, so I was pleased - and now finally under 80kgs!

I had a mental 'goal' a few months back of being under 80kgs by my birthday, so I almost made it. Now lets see - what would be a good goal to work towards now? How about 75kgs by Chickie's birthday (early June)??

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