06 January, 2006

My cats are stalking me!

I have two cats and they cannot bear to be in a different room to me.

If I go to the bathroom - they have to be there. If I dare to shut the door then they put their paw under the door and shake it (it's easier to just leave it open). If I'm at the computer, they'll jump on the desk and try to lay on my arms. If I'm on the exercise bike, I have to move them so they won't get hit by the pedals. If I'm in bed they're laying next to (or more usually on) me.

Sometimes it's funny watching them follow me around, but today I have the day off work, J's at work and Chickie's at childcare and I just want to be left alone for a few minutes!!

I'm feeling just a little suffocated today - can you tell??

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