27 December, 2005

bored now

I'm at work and bored. It's a public holiday here in Australia so there aren't many things for my team to do today. There's 3 people rostered on so far but we really don't need that many (and who knows who else is rostered on later). Things just get *so* quiet at this time of the year.

Problem is, our team has had the job duties split. One large component has been taken away (along with 5 of our team members) and placed into another area. What's left of our team is now back to the original duties only (yeah, I know I'm being vague - it's deliberate ok?). Only problem is, we've got too many people for that job now.

So what now? I guess we need to find ways of diversifying and adding other duties. Otherwise we may have to occasionally do a stint of level 1 helpdesk and to be honest, it would be too much for me to bear. I've been a level 2 rep for almost 6 years - I really don't think I could handle it (and stay sane).

I guess I really need to move on to another job. It would be difficult though, as the money is very good and the location works so well for us. So, I'll hang out here and see how things go.

Hmmm.... I wonder if we can get marketing to come up with some daft new scheme. Going by their past efforts, that'd certainly give us plenty to do!!

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