01 January, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I hope 2007 is a wonderful year for every one of my blog friends - and any anonymous readers I'm still to 'meet'.

I've decided no new year's resolutions this year. Pretty much like last year - I'm doing the stuff I 'need' to do as an ongoing project (still 3 kilos from my ideal weight for height, but I will get there soon).

We went out to a friend's place for new year's last night. He's a friend I used to work with, plus another ex team mate was there too. Was great to catch up. It was also fun meeting some new people.

One of the people we met had a very interesting question to ask. "If you had your own half hour tv show with unlimited budget, how would you fill it?" There were various answers ranging from a reality show following around a real medical student (yes, he was a medical student hehe) to bringing back It's a Knockout! So what would you do with it?


Zazzy said...

Happy New Year to you, too! What would I do with a half hour tv show? Is it ongoing 'cause Dr. Who wouldn't be on hiatus is it is.

fairscape said...

Happy , Healthy New Year to You!

My show would be a celebration of everyday heros. The caregivers of our world who quietly and anonymously take care of things. The nurses, firemen, policemen, nightshift at the power plant, postal delivery folks,good neighbors, etc. People who shine and whose names are suggested by their peers or those who they care for or their neighbors. The winner each week would get a tribute, a dinner, and a lovely cash prize.

Izzy said...

A very happy new year to you!

Robin said...

Happy 2007. My show would probably be fairly easy on the brain. It would just be a random collection of things that interest or amuse me. Um, pretty much just like my blog.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy New Year - I am jealous because you got to do New Years before I did. I think Sydney is the first place on Earth to start the New Year...

I'd follow the lead of the TV professionals and use my half hour to sell the viewers a big steaming pile of crap. I have satellite TV and it seems despite having over 100 channels I rarely find anything worth watching.

R2K said...

: )

Stomper Girl said...

I'd have a comedy show, feauring a stand-up doing a routine for half of it, interspersed with crazy tap-dance routines choreographed by and starring moi. It'd be a massive hit for sure.

Hello, by the way. I think we read a few of the same blogs! I will be visiting again but in the meantime, Happy New Year!

caramaena said...

Ah zazzy, a woman after my own heart. I love the new Dr Who. British tv seasons are way too short for my liking.

fairscape - that sounds a little like a kids show that Chickie watches called Higglytown Heroes. Ordinary people doing their jobs are shown as heroes for the way they help people.

izzy and r2k - hope you had a fun new year celebrations.

robin - heh blogTV huh? Sounds cool.

phos - we don't have quite that amount of channels but I'll agree with you - sometimes there's just nothing, worth watching, on!

Hi stomper girl, I think you're right. I've seen your name around too. I'll be over to your blog later to have a read :) Happy new year to you too!