24 January, 2007

quick catch-up

J and I went out on Sunday - sushi was good, though missed out on trying the black sesame icecream because their freezer had broken down that day. Saw Deja Vu at the movies - excellent movie, though J couldn't quite suspend his belief so he didn't enjoy it as much as me. My advice - just go with it and don't think too hard about it. Not going to say any more in case you've not seen it and want to... would hate to be a spoilsport.

Since my usual massage guy hasn't been around lately (he went overseas just after Christmas and then was sick when he got back), I tried a Chinese massage place yesterday. Was quite good and just what my back needed.

Today and tomorrow I'm home because I don't have childcare for Chickie for Wednesday and Thursday for the next three weeks. Since my days off are Sunday and Monday, there's really no point in then working Tuesdays... so for the next three weeks I'll be working two days and having five off. Now if I could just work out a way to keep doing that at the same pay rate, I'd be right!

Well, better be off, I promised Chickie we'd go out for lunch and then we're visiting a friend. Hope your day is a relaxed and happy as mine!


Tasha said...

I love sushi! Thanks for coming by my blog and posting your comment about makeup. I hadn't seen you in awhile!

Charm School Reject said...

Ew!! Sushi is yucky!! I'm glad you guys had fun on your date!

I'll have to check out the movie!

Winter said...

I'm so jealous! 2 days work, 5 off?!