20 January, 2007

Probably The Best Caramaena In The World.

Carmelo had this link on his blog and I think it's quite amusing. It's an advertising slogan generator. You can put in your name or whatever word you like and it will randomly come up with stuff (that's where I got the title from). Some of the other's I've seen are:

Super Caramaena is Almost Here.
Better Living Through Caramaena.
It's a Caramaena Adventure.
All Caramaena, All The Time.
It's Slightly Rippled with a Flat Caramaena. (rofl)
Show Me The Caramaena!

Ok, that's enough of that silliness...

It rained yesterday, all day. Not a heavy rain, no flooding (where I am, at least) and definitely not a drought breaker. I was watching the news last night (state news - though they call it 'national') and the rain was not only the first story, but they did a live cross to their weatherman, who was at the state head office of the Bureau of Meteorology!

Slow news day, I guess. Perhaps all the local crims were out, peering upwards, wondering what this wet stuff falling out of the sky was?

Still, it has continued to rain a bit, though it's warming up again now and it's so humid outside. A bit more rain would be nice. My lawn sure could do with it (it's just a teensy bit parched).


Dogbait said...

Yippee, we're getting stacks of it here. Had about 25mm since last night and still going. Might just warrant my next post

The Phosgene Kid said...

We've got rain too and about time. It is supposed to rain through the weekend, but that's all right - I have some thirsty trees in the back. The downside is muddy paws.

carmelo said...

Now you start to get the idea of what kinda rain we've been having, and 100mph winds too!

Stomper Girl said...

And have you noticed how all the newsy-people have this kindly smile on their faces as they inform you it's raining? Aaah shouldn't be too cynical, it's a good thing this rain, it's just I can't stand Jennifer Keyte.

fairscape said...

It's cold and windy here, the weather service has posted a "wind advisory". Not that any one knows how to respond to a "wind advisory" much like those stupid color changes on the National Security charts. I guess we should all run out and buy some more anti-acids for our increasingly nervous stomachs...

Winter said...

So this time of year is your summer right?

(Do not laugh, thank you.)