20 May, 2007


A phrase often heard, from me, in our house is 'Can I please just go to the bathroom in peace?!' - usually uttered in quite a plaintive tone.

If it's not Chickie bursting in to 'chat' (or coming in and singing at the top of his voice - good acoustics you see), it's the two cats pushing open the door and hanging out with me (heck, one keeps trying to sit on my lap!). Shut the door you say? Well, I try. Unfortunately, Chickie's tall enough to reach the handle now and the cats have this very irritating habit of pushing a paw under the door and rattling it. Having them hang out with me is the lesser of two evils!

So today, Chickie opens the door and very nicely asks me to get a toy down from a shelf, when I've finished. I said I would and he (very solicitously) says 'thanks mum, now I'll leave you in one piece'.

Good thing he walked away then... I had trouble keeping a straight face!


monicker said...

Hee-hee-hee! That's great!

meggie said...

My daughter has the same problem. No cats, but the dog... & SG of course.

Zazzy said...

Falling to pieces are you? Chickie-ism are adorable :-)

Stomper Girl said...

How cute. I hate bathroom visitors. I always sneak off. And lock the door.