16 May, 2007

The reno pics

I finally got the photos off the camera, so here are some pics of the floor we recently did.

This is the green carpet, except for the stains, it doesn't actually look too bad in this pic. It didn't look this good in real life though.
Underneath the green carpet was this um... treasure. Hideous isn't it? Then the underlay underneath was glued to the floor. That apparently was a heap of fun to remove.
This is the floor afterwards. Looks pretty nice, I reckon.
These pics are the new bedroom closet. Not exactly new but once it gets a coat of paint and some mirrors on the front, it will look pretty good.

So, up next is getting a new lounge, then painting (bedroom and loungeroom)!


Zazzy said...

That is a really sharp looking floor. And nice to have some storage too, eh?

caramaena said...

Oh the storage is great! The floor is sooo much better looking.

Only a couple of downsides - the furniture looks shabby now so that will need to be upgraded (well, ok that's an upside!) and one of my cats has decided its mad fun to race around and skitter across the floor. She's so noisy!

she said: said...

Wow - nice job on the diagonal. That is a ... well I haven't read your blog long enough to know if I can cuss. But you get the idea.

Every-bit worth the extra work though.

caramaena said...

she said - I have no problems with swearing. I don't tend to do it myself (well if I do, you know I'm seriously annoyed!), but feel free to cuss away.

I'll pass on your compliment to J - it's all his work! I think he's done a brilliant job myself :)

Sean said...

wow, awesome

caramaena said...

Thanks sean :)

h&b said...

ooh - exciting !

What was that horrid thing under the green carpet - more carpet ?!?!?

The floorboards are floating then ?

caramaena said...

Yes, it was a hideous piece of swirly brown carpet. Ugly doesn't even come close if you ask me.

Yes, they're floating floors. Our original floorboards weren't really suitable to polish up (there was obviously a hallway in there at one stage, that's been removed. The floorboards where the walls used to be weren't done very well). Plus I'm sure the original underlay being glued to the floorboards wouldn't have helped.