17 May, 2007

Doctor Who Spoof

Laura (see link for Laura's blog in my blogroll) posted a David Tennant video last week. She thinks he's a bit of alright (heck so do I).

So anyway, in the last week I've been trawling through YouTube and discovered there's a heck of a lot of fan stuff out there. It's unbelievable how many people have put various Dr Who scenes to their favourite songs.

Along with those, there are also a lot of clips, interviews, short films, sketches and even whole tv shows featuring him (Ready, Steady, Cook and Weakest Link). So even though Dr Who wasn't on because of the Eurovision Song Contest, I guess I've had my David Tennant fix for the week!

I've decided to post two of my favourites. Enjoy!


Steve said...

What do you mean Dr Who wasn't on because of Eurovision? Do you mean they've been showing the new series where you are?

It hasn't been on in Brisbane unless the TV Week has got it wrong again.

caramaena said...

Heh sorry steve, I meant it wasn't on in the UK because of Eurovision. J and I have patience issues so I'll say one word - bittorrent.

Stomper Girl said...

I didn't understand this one. But have you seen the Funky Gibbon (song from the Goodies) Youtube with Doctor Who footage? Cos that's quite fun.

caramaena said...

Oooh that sounds fun, I'm off to have a look for it! Thanks :)