14 April, 2006

15 minutes of 'fame'?

Ooh, I'm friends with someone who's had the local current affairs program 'chase' them for an interview. Not much in the way of chasing though, since our friends were more than happy to do the interview. Funny thing though, the current affairs people lost interest after hearing their side of the dispute.

Pretty standard story really - neighbour dispute starting with the friend's neighbour building their house slightly over the property line, into our friend's property. There's been all sorts of goings on and now it looks like our friends have gone to court so they can build the retaining wall they need (the neighbours won't allow them to temporarily dismantle the fence to allow them to build it). I wonder if that's why the neighbour called the current affairs program? By the sounds of it, it won't get to tv. It sounds like the reporter lost interest very quickly once they'd heard both sides.

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