28 April, 2006

A (rainy) day off to myself

My work roster gives me today (Friday) and tomorrow off. J and Chickie will be home tomorrow but today is all mine. Now, what do I do with it??

I've already spent a fair chunk of it sleeping in - something I don't get to do on a regular basis. So what do I do with the rest of the day?

Here's what I should be doing:
  • cleaning the house (stays clean when I'm the only one here!)
  • exercising
  • looking into an OHS&W matter for a colleague (no interruptions like at work, so easier to do at home)
  • filing misc papers/paying bills (tax time is only a few months away)
  • organising a party for a friend
  • continue going through my book on learning PHP
  • see my doctor again to get some paperwork done (for my diabetes)

Here's what I'd like to do:
  • beading (haven't done anything in months and can't really do it when Chickie's about, he's too interested)
  • shopping (I've lost some weight so clothes are having to be hitched up a bit lately)
  • watching some movies/tv I've taped and haven't had time to watch yet (ok ok, so tv *does* play a big part in my life hehe)
  • playing Neopets or Sims 2
  • go see a movie

hmmm... I think I'll go watch the Dead Like Me episode I taped, while I exercise on my bike to start with.

I do need to look into the OHS&W matter and better make some calls about the party (since it's soon!). Beading... well perhaps tonight after Chickie's in bed.

Shopping I should probably ignore since the credit card's feeling a bit bruised and battered (paid for next term's jewellery class the other day). Guess I'll just have to hitch up the jeans another week or so.

I'd better put some effort into the PHP as well. There's a project at work coming up and while I've put my hand up to do some of the simpler things (writing, editing, proofreading), I'd love to be able to put more into it.

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