14 April, 2006


I've seen a couple of those plastic surgery before and after type shows the last week or so and noticed something odd.

The producers (presumably?) blur out the nipples on any women showing breasts (ie: implant or reduction surgery) The breast is fine, it's just the nipple they blur. So there was one person who was born a woman but wanted to live as a man. Since he was pretty big up top, strapping the breasts was uncomfortable so he wanted them removed. So we got to see the initial examination - showing the breast but blurring the nipple, then we got to see the operation - again blurring the nipple only. You'd think this means the nipple is the bit they object to, right?? No apparently not. Once they'd removed the breast tissue and then started to reattach the nipple, all was viewable - no blurring at all. All in all we got to see his breast - and his nipple... just not together. I thought that was rather strange.

To be honest I think blurring the nipple in the first place is pointless for this kind of show. It's a medical show, not something designed to be sexy.

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