10 July, 2007

Future occupation for Chickie #2

Con artiste!

When I picked Chickie up from child care today, I had a quick chat with his teacher - she was asking me if Chickie was born overseas. She said he has convinced the kids in his room that he was born in Asia. The teachers weren't sure about it since they thought he was born at the hospital 10 mins up the road (yes, that is where he was born), but they were unsure enough to check with me.

Apparently he was very convincing...


Now, I have a request from the parents of any school aged children.

Chickie starts school in just over a week and a half(!) and I'm looking for some ideas. What do you put in your child's lunchboxes? Any tips you can pass on about stuff I should avoid?

Also, how do you label your child's school clothes? How many uniforms/outfits do you find necessary for the school week? Chickie's school has a dress code rather than a uniform so he can wear anything in navy, red or white, so long as there are no patterns or logos. Of course, I'm finding nearly nothing in those colours at the moment (though I'm not looking too hard for anything white - not for Chickie!). Navy trackpants seem to be the only things I can find without patterns/stripes or a logo. I have found a very nice navy jacket/anorak (which he wore to childcare yesterday and promptly got very dirty - I was not amused!).


Gnat of Glass said...

Send him to school with Chicken Fried Rice and chop sticks. Why not help the kid out!


Simon said...

You need to be aware of "Hart's First Law of Childhood" which states For a pre-teen child, the degree to which clothing gets dirty is directly proportional to how new the clothes are and how important it is that the clothes remain clean.

Hart's Third Law also applies in your situation, to whit The availability of pre-teen clothing in a particular colour or style is inversely proportional to the need for that clothing.

Hart's Second Law regarding children's ability to embarrass does not apply in this case but I'm certain it has in the past and will in the future.

Of course, all three rules are encapsulated by that wonderful catch all, Murphy's Law but hey, I wanted to be specific. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Follow the advice of the Men Down Under and give him a Vegemite sandwich!

When I was kid peanut butter sandwiches were common lunchtime fodder. Seems as though a lot of kids are allergic to peanuts nowadays though.

meggie said...

SG takes cheese & vegimite sandwiches. NO peanuts.
Good luck with the romantic fantasies!

Zazzy said...

Since he is so good at tall tales...

When I was 7, my mom starting putting green food coloring in plain white cake to make it interesting. I convinced the other kids that she went to Mars every night to get the green cake - hence, I could trade it for anything. I see a career for the kid.


caramaena said...

gnat - lol! Actually he wouldn't have a problem with the fried rice. Rice (steamed or fried) is one of his fave foods.

simon - Oh so true...

phos and meggie - I'm sure vegemite will play a big part. He loves it.

zazzy - love it!! Will have to remember that one ;)

Stomper Girl said...

I send too much so that he won't starve! But then he is too busy to eat and scoffs the leftovers on the car trip home.

h&b said...

I love white.

My wardrobe is nearly all white and I try to put DS in it as often as possible. I hope he doesn't turn into a grot at school, because I just love white.

Did I mention I love white ?

h&b said...

oh - and BTW - based on my own non-school experiences and tight-arsedness ( and if I found someone had chucked thier lunch or let it rot in their schoolbag, I would go a bit feral - i'm a bit anal about food wastage ;)

So - I would be doing vegemite or cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, apple, banana, box of 'tanas, frozen juice drink to keep everything cool.

I can live with any of these things being wasted, perhaps with the exception of the banana ;)

Oh - and those Bellis apricot blocks. They were my special school treat on the very rare occasion, and to me, it said that my mum loved me .. so i've got to keep that going :)

caramaena said...

stomper - we did that the last day when he was going to be there for recess. We basically sent him with almost enough for a full day - since I was clueless as to what he'd actually want!

h&b - are you hinting that you might have a slight preference there for white? Or am I way off base there ;)

Chickie has always been the sort of kid that doesn't like getting himself dirty. Unfortunately, he still managed to come home grotty from childcare. So while I think a nice white shirt might break up the full on navy thing he'll have going, I don't know if I'd have the time and energy to keep it white.