07 July, 2007

Simpsons avatar

Thanks to robin for this one. This would be me if I were on the Simpsons.
I will admit to being a bit lenient on the waist size. Go make your own here.


The Phosgene Kid said...

All the Simpsons look pretty much alike - the cartoonist didn't challenge himself much.

You do look kind of hot, in a Marge Simpson kind of way...

h&b said...

I'll have to come back when the boy is not around, otherewise he'll declare the computer "mine! mine! my turn, mummy !"

We actually spent a laughter-filled afternoon making Southpark versions of ourselves once :)

Steve said...

It's funny, that's how I would have imagined you to look, or at least similar to that.

caramaena said...

phos - lol!

h&b - I haven't shown it to Chickie yet, but J's had some fun with it :)

steve - heh, I've been told I 'sound blonde' in the past, so perhaps I 'read brunette'???

I'm not quite game enough to post a photo of myself here.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ha Ha!