28 July, 2007

Of wizards, buses and stars.

Well, I've had a week off work (back to the daily grind tomorrow) and I must admit I haven't done a lot with it. I've mostly been reading the new Harry Potter book (loved it and now have plans to read the lot again from the beginning) to fill in time between dropping off and picking up Chickie from school.

I did schedule a few appointments this week too. A doctor's appointment for my regular HbA1c (I have a lovely bruise in the crook of my right elbow) and a cut and colour for my hair (looks nice, thanks for asking), not to mention going to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Still I don't feel like I accomplished much this week. It was pretty relaxing though.

On my way to the hair dressers the other day, I saw something for the first time - a two bus collision. Well, I didn't see the actual collision but but the police were there putting up traffic cones and the buses were still there. One had a smashed in front left corner and the other had the side of the bus smashed in. I've heard of plenty of cars try their luck at intersections, and t-bone other cars but I've never heard of buses doing it. Perhaps the drivers were playing chicken?

Chickie's loved the first week of school. On Thursday he was the star of the day and was the leader for their fitness class. He was so proud to show me his name in the big star on the board.

I didn't need to worry about what to feed him. He's mostly been eating ham sandwiches and his fruit (usually bananas) and usually finishes his Vita-weat crackers at home. He's still as hungry as a horse at home but it sounds like he's too busy to eat at school. I'm just glad he's enjoying it.


The Phosgene Kid said...

I love what you've done with your hair!!!

I haven't seen the movie yet, might go this weekend. So far the best movie of the bunch has been Goblet of Fire.

tracey petersen said...

hair do, movies, books, taxi-ing..sounds exhausting to me!

Stomper Girl said...

I think a didn't-do-much holiday is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

meggie said...

Sounds like a perfect week to me! Nice that your hair is happy!
Sounds like Chickie is the perfect little school boy. It is lovely he is so happy.

Melinda said...

Can I have a week like that? Glad that Chickie is loving school. We start back Wednesday, and J.T. isn't thrilled.... the new school shoes are helping though.

Holly & Scolly said...

Sounds like Chickie's loving school. Since he started half way through the year, does this mean he'll be separated from some of the new friends he's made when they move up to Grade 1 next year? Sounds like you had a great week to me!

Oh great One said...

We've got to get to see the movie too. My daughter was a little worried that it might be too creepy for her. Reading it and seeing it are too different things.

caramaena said...

lol phos! So, what did you think of the movie?

tracey - I did manage to work in a nice long sleep in one morning though :)

stomper - I definitely felt I needed a break from work. It's been so busy lately.

meggie - I thought of your disastrous haircut when I was in the salon. Shame you can't visit my hairdressers, they really are lovely - plus it was their 4th birthday at the time so I got a 20% discount.

Thanks melinda :) I hope J.T. is liking school better now.

h&s - There seems to be a group of about 10 or so kids that started at the same time. They seem to be keeping them all as one group so far. Perhaps they'll just add to the group if there are some that start in 4th term. I think I'm liking the fact that he's in such a small group. What they'll do at the start of the new school year though, I don't know.

ogo - I totally agree. I simply can't watch a scary movie, but I can read it ok. Stephen King's Christine is one that I was able to read but couldn't watch. I'm too chicken!