26 December, 2005

Christmas - that's a wrap

So Christmas is over for another year. Chickie had a very Thunderbird Christmas. His face just lit up everytime he opened a present that was Thunderbirds related. We probably went way over the top with the presents, but you get that...

It was a lovely day. Spent with the in-laws (my family live almost 2000 kilometres away) - nice food, no arguments and very relaxing. I was very excited with the gift from J and Chickie - a helicopter joy flight :) I've been tandem sky-diving, been in a glider, an old tiger moth plane, hot air balloon and soon a helicopter! I can't wait. I have to say - J's an absolute sweetie and he spoils me.

I enjoyed Christmas this year. I was a little naughty and had a piece of lemon meringue pie for dessert. I'm a diabetic so I really shouldn't have, but I figured since the doctor calls my diabetes borderline, one piece would be ok. Wasn't easy to resist the munching though - lots of yummy lollies/chocolates/nuts/dips were all around. Chickie was obviously too excited to eat. His complete food diary for the day consisted of one slice of toast with vegemite for breakfast, several slices of ham for lunch, almost a full bowl of watermelon pieces for dinner and a couple of glasses of milk and water thrown in throughout the day. He just refused everything else. At least today he was back to a varied menu (not to mention vegies again!!).

We took Chickie to the beach today. He didn't want to go, to start with. So we thought we'd just go for a drive and wander about on the sand for a bit (and not do the full beach/swiming costumes/swimming thing). He didn't want to go near the water at all to start with but by the end he was jumping over the waves and got thoroughly soaked. Now he wants to go back tomorrow. I have to work but J has time off so perhaps they might.

Hmmm working tomorrow. Ah well, at least it's public holiday. Hopefully very quiet and they're paying me double time. I guess I can handle that *grin*.

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