31 December, 2005

new years eve resolutions??

So I'm sitting here on the second hottest day this summer (yesterday was 42c) contemplating new year's eve and if I have any resolutions to make. Ya know.. I can't think of a damn thing.

All the usual things are pretty much out. I don't smoke so can't give up. I've been told to lose weight by my doc (because of the diabetes) so I'm already trying to lose it and get fit etc. I'm already someone who saves (had to, to get the LASIK done!). I just can't think of anything I want to change about myself. Well, stuff I'm not already working on, I mean.

I could try to get more sleep, I guess. I do tend to stay up later than I should. Mind you, that's a bit of a trade off with my 'me time'. Since I'm trying to exercise a min 30 mins a day (though it is usually 45-60 mins most days) I feel I don't get much time to myself as it is.

I could try to be tidier house-wise, but to be honest, with a 3 year old in the house it's not exactly easy. Particularly with a small house and a large amount of new toys to try to find places for! (At the moment most of his new toys are living in the lounge room. I need to pack up a lot of old stuff in his room to make space).

So, back on topic... do I have any new year's resolutions? I'm thinking I might aim to be more positive and leave it at that. The last year and a half haven't been great.

The last few months of 2004 and first few of 2005 just sucked at work. Our team had supervisors with an agenda (and yes this agenda was confirmed by two separate sources) to 'manage' certain people out of the job. Well funnily enough two of those were sacked (and won unfair dismissal claims) and three others were demoted (and have now left the company). The whole team was under enormous strain and the centre manager and HR held several reconcilliation meetings between the team and supervisors. In the end almost half the team ended up leaving the company (others that weren't part of the 'agenda' left the company anyway due to the stress) or changed to other departments, and the supervisors are in other jobs in the company. Then in the last few weeks, our job was split - half of the duties (and five team members) were taken to another department. There is still some uncertainty if what's left will be enough to keep us busy (but we're madly trying to think of 'other jobs' to justify us, heh).

Earlier this year I contracted some sort of illness that lasted several months. At first it was thought to be whooping cough (I did have exposure to a confirmed case), but tests ruled that out, and it was decided whatever I originally had led to an inflammation of the lungs which then turned into asthma (never had that before). Whatever it was, it tooks *months* before I felt better. Thankfully, more tests have shown I don't have asthma now.

Then six months ago, I was told I had diabetes. Borderline (Hb1Ac of 7), so controlled by diet and I was told to lose weight. My last Hb1Ac was 5.9, which is considered high normal. So I'm hoping I can lose weight and bring that down even more. Mind you I've only lost a total of 5 frickin' kilos in six months (pathetic!!), why does it have to be so hard???

So there you go, that's my sucky year. Now all that is behind me - 2006 is going to be much better!

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