28 December, 2005

My eyes

My vision's a bit weird today. I had LASIK surgery in early November and my eyes are still adjusting, I guess (I'm told it can take a few months to settle properly). Today my left eye is great but my right is really really blurry.

It's hard to describe but that makes it very strange looking at things. My left eye is obviously dominating at the moment because I can see fine - it just feels wrong. It's giving me a bit of headache as my eyes adjust to it but I was told that my vision may still be adjusting and if it keeps bothering me to come in and have it checked.

I must admit I'm loving not having to wear glasses. I first got them at around the age of 10 so I've worn them longer than not. I can't wait til my vision settles a bit more though. My close vision still isn't as good as I need, to get back into my beading. I guess I could probably do stuff with larger beads but seed beads are still out. Hmm.... I did get some very nice bali beads for Christmas, perhaps a nice bracelet with them and some larger beads might fulfil my craving ;)

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