24 December, 2005

Santa's on his way

It's Christmas eve and Chickie has been jumping around like the proverbial mexican jumping bean (does that exist? and if so, does it really jump??). He's so excited :) He's singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer right now.

Soon we're going to head out and drive around to see the Christmas lights. Hopefully that means when we get home he'll be so tired that he'll head right off to sleep (well, I can hope can't I?). Then Santa will come and leave him the Tracy Island he's been talking about for 6 months. This kid is just crazy about The Thunderbirds.

I wouldn't call myself religious at all, so for me Christmas is all about Santa for the kids and getting together with family. This year it's a little sad. One of the people I work with, in the call centre, was killed last weekend in a head on car crash. I didn't know her very well - just to say hi and have a joke with, but the whole centre was upset. Her funeral was Thursday and over 300 people attended. She would have liked that so many people came to send her off, I'm sure. I really feel for her family. What a terrible thing to happen at anytime, but a week before Christmas must make things so hard. So, if you're driving around this Christmas, please take extra care.

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