19 May, 2006

Ahh pure schmaltz...

I was watching one of the finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. Love it! Especially love Terry Wogan's cutting remarks :)

'Highlights' for me tonight:
  • overuse of the wind machine
  • mullets on girls and guys
  • ballerinas as back up dancers
  • gold tassels that any curtain would be proud of
  • seeing a Ukrainian version of Shakira
Out of tonight's finalists (haven't seen any of the other finals), I'm going for Lithuania - just for the hell of it.

Btw, I hope any mothers reading this had a lovely Mother's day (if you celebrated it recently like I did). I got a lovely sleep in and some jewellery making tools. I have a jewellery saw, and files, and pliers and stuff.

It's kinda funny seeing the looks on people's faces when you say you got tools for Mother's day. hehehe

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